Wednesday, October 13, 2010

chinese cowgirl

I was so excited on my way down to the mailbox to see
that the cattle next to us were settled into our shady
corner of the pasture....with their babies!
You can only see one here.
Lucy just loves these calves.
She's very family-oriented and will point out who
the mama must be...and then proceeds to
talk about the rest of the bovine-family.

I've had to explain to her that animals don't have families
the way people do, because she actually
gets worried if she doesn't see a clump of them
together and she assumes that something must be wrong.

She doesn't believe me.

Sweet girl.
She loves her family
and thinks all creatures should have the same experience.


Here she is giving us her cowgirl look.

Then in the other direction came our neighbors riding
their horses.

Lucy has wanted to ride those horses for SO LONG!

But simply petting it was the thrill of her day!

And in an extreme effort to get her ON the horse,
we had to pull some rather risky maneuvers.

Which included me.

Getting ON a horse.

Which I haven't done since I was a tad older than Lucy.

But I hoisted my big back-side up and looked like
regular Jane Wayne.
Get it? John Wayne...Jane Wayne.
Never mind.

Lucy managed to muster up the same courage as Mom
and had an absolute blast!!

Then she got to ride on the BIG horse!

Macy didn't want to ride but took most of the pics.
She loves being behind the camera.
I can definitely see a budding talent there.

We had soooo much fun!!


Tracy said...

Ok now I want to live in your neighborhood!! : )

Kathy said...

love the photo of Lucy's face after patting the horse!! I love cows, and horses and all animals really. How i ended up in Hong Kong after growing up on a farm and wanting to be a vet I don't know!

Nicole A. said...

So cute! My 5yo girlie loves horses, too! I spent most of my pre-Mom life in the saddle, so I always love it when little girls want to ride. It was the best part of my childhood and teen years, and most of my 20s!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Jerry and Christy said...

My girls loved the pictures with the horse and Lucy. Lily my 3 year old rode her first horse this summer. (Not by herself) Lily loves horses. I'm even making her a horse shaped cake for her birthday this Sunday.
You are braver than me getting on that horse. Not going to catch me on one. No way! I'm with Macy I'll take the pictures and let someone else ride the horse.
Hopefully, Lucy isn't asking for a horse of her own now. Lily says she's getting one when she grows up because her mean parents won't buy her one.


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

She looks like a natural up on those horses. I think I foresee riding lessons in her future!

Madeleine said...

I can't even imagine living in a place like that!!!!

My neighbors are right up close. :P lol.

What a dream home you have. What a blessing! How super cool!!!

I would totally give p living 45 minutes from Nyc to live like that. But I married a Jersey Born Boy. They NEVER leave.

In fact when his parents retired, they moved south.

South Jersey. :P

Lucy is starting to look like a young girl as opposed to an old toddler. What a cutie pie she is. :D

Holly said...

I love it! Great pictures!!

Patty said...

Oh that is so funny, I feel like we are living the same life! Just this past Monday Riley rode a horse for the first time--AND Ellie got on too!!! It was totally unexpected so I didn't have my camera--took pics with my phone and I can't figure out how to get the pics off my phone now!!! LOL!! So glad Lucy got to enjoy her first ride, and glad you had to get up there too! No way was I doing that! ha! If only we could share these moments together in person!

Tony and Rett said...

My girls got to feed the neighbor's horses this week too. They adored their time petting and feeding them. But NO amount of begging would get them on those horses...yet!

SO glad Lucy was brave! And Macy keep those pictures coming!

Lyn said...

Lucy is looking very old in these pictures! Cute!

Karin said...

She is so stinkin cute! Love the photo of her expression after petting the horse. Tell Macy about . She can learn A LOT about photography for free. :) I have learned tons from that site over the past year.

LedaP said...

Love the petting picture where she is SO excited!! So adorable!!

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