Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where God wants you to be

"The difference between where you are and where God
wants you to be may be the painful decision
you refuse to make"

Craig Groeschel


No Greater Gift Mom said...

Thank you, Lori, for this. This is the exact place that I'm in right now. Pleading with God to reveal His plan for our lives and wondering if I'm just choosing not to listen.
Praying without ceasing.
In Him,

connie said...

Oh, I love that!

The Kings said...

Great Quote!

Madeleine said...


I know!! I have something about this on my blog!!

And small AND big decisions.

Boy do I fail. :(

Tiffany said...

Ouch! I needed to read that today.

Adeye said...

Oh I LOVE that so much. Wow.

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