Saturday, September 11, 2010

a tweaked recipe {for disaster}

Since Macy has been with us,
it's been my mission to find some really great
Chinese recipes.

So far, nothing has come close to what she ate in China,
but she DOES like my versions.

But the thing is...I keep trying to tweak my recipes so
that they are EXACTLY what we're craving.

Spicy, sweet, sour, savory.

So after much experimenting,
I have created the perfect sesame chicken recipe.
Just the way WE (Macy and I) like it.

But the funny thing is...
as I glanced at the old recipe and then at all
the changes I made to fit our tasty desires,
I could clearly see that I had veered very
far from the original recipe.

In fact,
after making it twice and LOVING it,
I realized I had inadvertently forgotten the sesames...
in my SESAME chicken!

I kind of chuckled but the Lord immediately spoke to my
heart and showed me the interesting
parallel between my sesame-less sesame chicken
and what many Christians are doing to Christianity.

May I be so bold as to say that it seems to me
that we have taken our salvation...
and tweaked it to make it fit our own desires.

We've figured out what we want
and have strayed far from the original plan.

And have we in some cases even gone as far as to leave
out the MAIN "ingredient"?


Have we butchered the gospel so much that it
looks nothing like Christ?

That's a recipe for disaster.

Look, it's high time we get back to TRUTHT
in its purest form.
God's very word spoken to us.

It's time we put away the excuses and dig deep
into Scripture.

It's time to put away our sweet little devotionals
(not that there's anything wrong with devos!),
and take the time to search for the treasures in God's Word.

Personally, for many years I've followed a reading plan
that will get through the Bible in a year, in
chronological order.
I love this plan.

But for as many years as I've been doing it,
I don't think I've yet to get through it in a year.

But that's my challenge to myself...and to you.

HERE is just one of many reading plans to follow.

I literally get so excited to think about what would happen
if Christians all over our country got seriously serious
about studying scripture daily.



Marriages saved.

Families made whole.

Addictions severed.

Abundant Fruit of the Spirit.

Eternity changed forever.

The list could go on and on and on.

Let's put away our excuses.
Let's focus our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector
of our faith.

Let's stop tweaking our own Christianity,
let's stop straying from God's plans and purposes for our lives.

Let's get back to the original recipe.

Oh, but I do plan to keep my sesame chicken
recipe tweaked to my version.



Susan A said...

loved your post, agreed with you :)

this reminded me of a post that I made about a dream/nightmare that I had some years ago, and how it seemed to impress on me the importance of reading His word every day, especially in times of peace (which we are in now)... you can read it in here if you like:

p.s. the sesame-less sesame chicken sounds yummy :)

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Great post Lori and so very true. Thank you for sharing your heart.


Madeleine said...


Our pastor was talking about this self same thing this morning!!

And you have no idea how many times I have been struggling these past few weeks. About the Truth, and what I want the truth to be so I can feel *safe.*

And why am I not surprised that you made sesameless sesame chicken?? I'm telling you, separated at birth. :P LOL

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Great post Lori, I can always use a reminder!

Wanna share the recipe? I have experienced a similar situation with my DD. She too likes my versions but misses tastes from CHina. Perhaps she would like this?

The Kings said...

Great Post!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jean said...

Love this post!! So true!

I sometimes like to tweak and twist it to fit- not good!

Thanks for the reminder!


Holly said...

Amen, sister. : )

Kathy said...

Amen!! Great post!

Faye Verquer said...

Great post, great reminder!

Now, I really need that recipe!! I LOVE that dish and would love to be able to make it instead of buy it!

Thank you!!


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