Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mid-week date night

Tonight was amazing.
Well, relatively speaking.

But amazing no less.

ALL the kids were at their various church locations.

And we.

My man and me.

Two of us.


For 1.5 hours.

We went to Target.
Had French Onion Soup at Panera.
Which if you must know we set out for coffee and
a pastry but the soup lassoed us in.

And the grand finale was of course,
Home Depot.

Look at my dear man.
A twinkle in his eye as he strolls through
the power tool aisle.
With all his hopes and dreams
swirling in his head.

It's just precious.

But look at me,
I'm so happy for how happy he is at this moment.
Despite my crazy hair
from the 122% humidity.

High humidity will be in hell, you know.

Our Wednesday date night.


Debby said...

Lucky you!!! Sounds like a "bonding"

Chad and Kristy said...

Sounds like our kind of date:) Just be so thankful that you have a Target, Home Depot, and Panera... you will not find those thinks in the not so great town of Cullman:(

Mandi said...

Onion Soup from Panera bread sounds SO good right now. I so wish we has one closer, the nearest one is across town:(

I love that your date night consist of Target and Home Depot, sounds like our date nights.

Jean said...

Sounds like fun!! That's our kinda date!!

Yes the look of love is in your eyes! (well it may be the power tools that's doing it for Kelly but close enough!)

Karin said...

We do the same kind of date! :) I actually love Home Depot. True, I usually wander to a different area than my hubby, but still...I do love it. Glad you guys had fun--and your hair is FINE. It cooled off here and now everyone is sick. Lovely. I will take humidity over the common cold any day.

Janet and Kevin said...

You both sure know how to have a "hot date"night! LOL!!

Our idea of a date is to run to Kroger without the children!!

Janet and gang

Adeye said...

Aaaahhhh, you guys are so darn cute :):):)

Love it.

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