Monday, September 13, 2010

emily {gone} and the dishwasher repair guy

Well, life with Emily is so yesterday.
(see my previous post if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

She was up to no good anyway.
And didn't lift a finger to help with dinner.


I called USCIS to report the intruder on our paperwork.

They got RIGHT ON IT.
And even seemed embarrassed that it happened.

No big deal at all,
I told them.

Human-ness happens.

If there's one thing I've learned going on our third
adoption (and other life drama),
it does zero good to stress about things out of
our control.

**Can someone self-appoint themselves to refer me back
to this post in the future, as needed?


And for ALL who asked,
all two of you...

my exclusive Sesame-less Sesame Chicken Recipe
will be posted soon.

But for now,
I need to get ready for the dishwasher repair guy to show up.

It's the most exciting thing that will happen around here
today so the kids and I need to make
the most of it.

Perhaps it's time to plan a field trip or something.


Karin said...

Well, thank goodness that you got rid of Emily. It's so hard to find good help these days. Good luck with the dishwasher repairman. And use paper plates in the meantime to give yourself a break. You could even have the kids decorate them before using to qualify as a art project.

Serving the King said...

LOL you crack me up about Emily! I'm sorry she couldn't stay with your family. :) Our USCIS approval had 3 mistakes on it. Yikes. They were really great with us as well though and in 17 hours I had a new revised approval form sitting at my front door courtesy of the UPS man. I agree! They are human and what an opportunity to show the grace and patience of Christ! Now we are on 60+ days of waiting on our two LSC' grace and patience is beginning to wear..... :)

Tony and Rett said...

Make that THREE people! I meant to ask for it, but got lazy and assumed others would! Hahah. So write it down, sister!

And, um, get out of the house every once in a while, ok?

Patty said...

Stupid Emily, she could have at least fixed the dishwasher before she left. Sheesh. Ya just can't rely on anyone these days.

Madeleine said...

Ok, I will be the self appointed person to make you go back and listen to yourself. :)

I love those kind of jobs.

Hey, a field trip? How about going with me to the Statue? I am going sometime this month, so feel free to come along. I may not be as entertaining as the dishwasher repair guy, but I do okay.

Acceptance with Joy said...

You are hilarious!

.... so we've had the twins for 6 months, we've had our homestudy completed for a year + and next month we are set to finalize when....

suddenly they realize we have a 16 year old daughter and she needs all the clearances of an adult !!!!

I almost want to tell them (them being our private agency who should know everything about us by now seeing they've spent 2 hours a month in our home for the last 7 or 8 months writing down everything about us) that she's been 16 for a year now and she's turning 17 before ever we can get this new pile of paperwork done.

Oh the joy's of adopting. (I'm thinking this is not really one of them.)

Jean said...

Well I for one am glad she's gone! Whew, thank goodness that;s over, she was really something else- that could be a pun!

I do think it is ironic how picky USC*S and here they go and make a whopper mistake!

You are right not to stress about what you can not control! Please have someone remind me again, too when I start stressing!

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