Monday, August 16, 2010

you gotta see this sweet fella!

I can't think of a better post for today than to
pass on some info about an incredibly precious little guy.

My social worker emailed and asked me to help advocate
for this fella whom she met on her latest
trip to China.
She's never asked me to do this before,
so I know for certain that this little man is beyond special.

She personally spent time with him,
fell head over heals in love and is now working with
Love without Boundaries to find
him his forever family.

PLEASE swing over to their site to take
a peek at this precious boy!!


Adeye said...

Pick me, pick me.....I'll go :):):)

What a sweetie pie. Surely someone will go, friend?????

Holly said...

Precious. Lori, my heart is ACHING to add another child to our family. Even as we are in the middle of a crazy, uncertain time, it doesn't make me any less burdened for orphans, or wish with all my heart I could get on a plane today. I don't care where from or what age, or even what special need! If my husband said yes, I would be ecstatic!! It's so hard to be patient when you know the cause is so important. Ugh, it's so hard, isn't it??

Chad and Kristy said...

I was reading this yesterday as I was doing updates for my kids at LWB. He is so precious! Thanks for posting this!

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