Monday, August 9, 2010


I want you all to know that our hearts are overflowing
with gratitude.
Your generous hearts just amaze us.

I am truly saddened that I can't send each and every one
of you something!!

But without further yap, yap....


Are you ready?

Seeing The World Through His Eyes!!!

I've been praying since the first day that just the right
person would win.

And I'm confident that it turned out that way!



Karin said...

Wooo! Congratulations to Laurie, whose blog I will now go over and check out. :)

Madeleine said...

(where is the conffetti throwing button on this computer)

(make believe there is conffetti)


Congratulations to Laurie!!!!!

*****skipping through the room****

( in my head)

Holly said...

Really?? Laurie is one of my BFF's!!! In REAL life!! Another military wife and Jesus follower and homeschooler and orphan lover!! I am confident the Lord has worked this out!! yahoo!!! from Lori to Laurie, may the Lord bring you the desires of your hearts!!!

Jean said...

WooHoo- yeah Laurie!! Congrats!!

I too am heading over to her blog!!

Thank you for the fun give away Lori!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Congrats Laurie! I checked out your blog and found some really cool fundraiser ideas too!

Janet and gang

Donna said...

Yay for Laurie!!!! Going to pop over and visit her blog too!!
Hope you get the rest of the way to your goal!!!!

Cari said...

Way-To-Go Laurie!!!

Glad you had success with your giveaway, Lori! :)

Susan A said...

congratulations, Laurie! :)

Like others, I'm heading off to her blog! heheh

Sally-Girl! said...

Guess winning two giveaways from the same gal can't happen!!! Congratulations to the winner with the cool blog name!!!

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