Thursday, August 12, 2010

crazy love {continued}

Linn is doing another Crazy Love challenge.

It's just too fun.

First off,
if you haven't read the book, Crazy Love...
oh for goodness sake,
READ IT already.
Friends, lukewarm Christianity is not acceptable
to our Holy God.

Let's be like Peter and jump out of the boat
and run to Jesus with reckless abandon, ignoring all
the risky obstacles the world puts
before us.

So to update you on our next adoption,
we are currently waiting for our fingerprint appointment.
Which is Sept. 9.
Kinda thinking about going early to see if
we can get it done sooner.

But in the meantime,
I've got all our dossier documents in order,
ready to go.
Just waiting, waiting, waiting on our I800A approval.

Then we'll finish up stuff here in the US,
then Dossier To China, baby!

And if you're new here to JOY Unspeakable,
click HERE to read more about
our adoption!

Oh, and here's our next fundraiser!!

This will be ongoing as long as supplies last...
Really super duper cool Show Hope t-shirts!!

I've got adult sizes S, M, L, XL.

$25...and that includes shipping!

Just click on the ChipIn button to order
or go directly to Paypal

Be sure to indicate what size you want when ordering!

Thanks, ya'll!!!


Chad and Kristy said...

I just love this post! Crazy Love changed our lives and I just want to stand on the street corner and hand everyone that passes a copy! I do want a shirt and it will be XL and I am really hoping I will have some extra on payday to get one:)

Karen said...

I would recommend walking in early for your fingerprint appt. We walked in early and received our I800a on the day we were originally scheduled to be fingerprinted. It's a great way to shave off a few weeks.

Madeleine said...

You are NOT nice!!!

I just saw these t-shirt YESTERDAY and thought 'OH, I LIKE THEM, but not right now'.

But now I may have to get one from for so you can get him.

I just wish I would look as good as you do in it. But then I would have to lose WAY TOO MUCH weight.


...and I love food....


Adeye said...

Definitely go early friend. We did and it totally worked!

Jean said...

I agree, go early!! Not sure what size I take - usually a medium BUT if they are like the wild Olive fitted tees then I'm a large. (I dry everything nowadays). let me know what you think!

The model in your pic is beautiful! ;-)

Crazy love- reckless abandon- yep, workin on it!

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