Thursday, August 26, 2010

charlie church mouse

Over the summer when I ordered the older kids'
curriculum, I wanted to get something for
Lucy that would keep her occupied while I was busy
with math I don't understand and other fun things.

I bought this Charlie Church Mouse game
and Lucy LOVES it!

The graphics aren't great but for $15, we've gotten
our money's worth and more.

It's educational AND teaches some great Bible stories.

Two thumbs up from Lucy!!


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Love her concentration. Too cute!


Chris said...

I'll have to remember that one, did you get it from CBD?

Cari said...

I think my Cali would like that too. I'll have to check it out. :)

Jean said...

Too cute!! I'm givin it a try! Thanks for the tip!!

Karin said...

How cute is that?! :) I'm mean...I don't let my kids touch my computer. haha

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