Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Every time we go to Sam's Club Lucy oogles over this ginormous
She begs me to buy them each and every time we are there.
I always tell her no.

Well somehow, someway, we ended up with them the other day.
Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that
her daddy was on this particular shopping trip.

I'm thinkin' that's exactly it.

Look how proud she is.
It's pretty much a major award.

Mission accomplished.

And notice how her outfit coordinates with her treasured snack.

That's right...I'm that good of a mom.


Karin said...'re GOOD my friend! :) Those dad's cave every time. EVERY TIME!

Holly said...

Leave it to daddies...Scott is the same way. : ) Have a wonderful day!

Martha said...

Hey - that is an awesome container, be sure to keep it once the "doodles" are consumed :o)

Madeleine said...


Oh my. Typical of them daddies.

I think it is called *bonding* for them.

We call is being a sap. lol.

But at the same time, we are secretly glad they did it. ;)

I love that smile!!

Chris said...

I'm sure daddy likes cheese balls too. I have to buzz right past those things and hope no one is looking.they love them here too. And they are so messy or does Lucy eat them with a fork?

susieloulou said...

We went to see my brother at the stock car races, and there were people there who brought this thing, full, and almost finished it in a couple hours - scary!! :-)
I mean, it was like 5 people, not 25!

Cari said...

my caleb begged me for them too this past week. i usually always say no because they sit forever on the shelf and dont' get eaten. well, i caved and bought them. guess what?! are they being eaten? NO! why do I fall for it! :}

jan said...

lori -- i wanted to comment on yesterday's post (day late, dollar short type deal :)

i am soooo happy for you and macy's new friend! that is just way way cool. when i consider this big ol' world and how He still does those little bitty things, i just stand amazed in His watchcare.

loving it, jan (mom to abigail :)

Terry Rushing said...

Love it!!!

Hezra said...

if we are what we eat.... Lil Lucy is going to be a cheeseball. oh wait-- she IS a cheeseball. lol love this pic! Yes, Daddies cave. My blessing for you today: "May all your cheeseballs get eaten(but not in one day!!) and no money wasted."

connie said...

Blame the daddy - he's good like that! That'll last, what, a couple days?!?

Debby said...

Around this house we call the SUPER size containers of favorites: CHRISTMAS it is such a treat to get them. I'll send you the photo of Jami & her 10lb jar of

Yep, she is still s-l-o-w-l-y eating them.

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