Friday, July 9, 2010

dumpling day

Today was the day.

The day that Macy and I took the plunge and made
our own homemade dumplings.

Chop. Chop. Chop.
And chop some more.

Carefully putting together these delicate delicacies.

Dumpling hot tub.

And the sauce.
Oh, the sauce.

The best part.

For mine it was
a lovely concoction of two different Chinese vinegars,
soy sauce, and hot chili garlic paste.

Oh so yummy.

And don't you just adore my little sauce cups?
I bought them in Seattle in China Town.
I love them soooo much!

Sorry for no more pics but that's where the photos ended.

The rest is deliciousness history.


Adeye said...

Looks yummy. REAL Chinese food :) Did the boys love it?

Shonni said...

Caresse is behind me saying "Yum, that looks, wish we were there!!"
How were they?

connie said...

Oh, yum! Dumplings are my favorite! I've never been brave enough to try making them, but you are inspiring me!

Karin said...

Ohhhhh....jiao zi are my FAVORITE!! I am way too lazy to make them myself, tho. :) My Chinese friends came over and made them at my house one time and asked if I wanted to learn. I said no. haha But I provided moral support!! :) BTW, in China you can buy them pre-made in the frozen food section. Maybe they have them in Chinatown or Asian markets??

Debby said...

Looks like fun!! I've never made them muself...maybe Macy can teach us how someday....=)

Jill said...

Dumplings! YEAH! Lucy Lu's favorite! The only ones we have are sadly, from the Hong Kong Buffet. Would love a recipe!

Janet and Kevin said...

I just love it when you post pictures of your yummy creations! They always look so delicious!

Janet and gang

Rachel said...

Wishin we were neighbors!

Joy said...

I need to do this too. Sarah has seen the dumplings and Whole Foods and says she had them in China.

Looks like fun!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Lori, now I'm hungry! haha. I miss those spicy noodles she made when I came over. :( They were so good!! When I come back, I want to come over again and have another Chinese night :D

McNew Family said...

mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm! Looks deeeelicious!

Sally-Girl! said...

Love the sauce cup!!!! I love little dishes like that!!!

Anonymous said...

awwwww......looks so delicious! I picked the similar soruce dishes in a Japanese gift shop. but I still have not figured out how to make dumpling sources even I have pretty source dishes! :(

Toni said...

Just got back from China last week where we worked in an orphanage (and saw Bill and Lynsay!). One of my favorite times was when the nannies taught us how to make dumplings. They were amazingly fast at rolling and folding them, but patient in teaching us, with minimal laughing at us:) Some of the children helped with it too, which made it all the more delicious to eat! I bet it was a wonderful bonding time with Macy! Check out

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