Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sandford and son

Well, I gotta tell ya that blog material around
these parts is minimal at best.

It's not like we don't have a gazillion things going on,
it's just not very high up on the wow-scale.

The boys are busy doing there thang...
Nick starts his summer golf league tomorrow
with the first of many tournaments.
Go. Nick. Go. Nick.

Brenden is workin' and just chillin' with friends.

Macy is taking art classes and piano lessons.
Oh and she's discovered the reruns of
Full House, which she loves!
she even watches Sanford and Son.
Yes, you read that right.
Can I just say that there is something hysterically funny to me about
seeing my Chinese teenage daughter glued to
the TV, laughing out loud at an old grumpy black man.
It's a sight to behold.

And Lucy,
well, she's just along for the ride.
Bubble blowing on the sidewalk to one of her favorite activities.
We'll see just how quickly she
zips through the gallon I just bought her.
Oh and she beat me in the match game (you know, the game where
you have to keep turning over the endless little cards to
try and find its match?) last night.
With zero help from me.
She's a smart little firecracker, I tell ya.

Anyway, busy-busy again today.
And we've got something really fun in the works
for Friday.

Can't wait!


Cari said...

Cali {my 5 y.o.} just loves Lucy's superhero shirt. She has a purple Batman one from Old N. :)

Anonymous said...

How is Zeke doing? Are he and Lucy still buds?

Debby said...

Lori...summers are for lazy days & taking it easy....glad to see you are enjoying it!!!

Jean said...

To me- it sounds fabulous. Doin the stuff you have planned, enjoying your kids, enjoying the nice weather, no mean crazy neighbors around- you gotta good life!!

Love your fence in the background! Oh and that little girl is adorable with her bubbles!

It is funny thinking of Macy LOL while watching sanford and sons!

Rachel said...

I can hear the S & S theme song in my head as I type! She & Erin would have a ball watching reruns!

Anonymous said...

You can make your own bubbles - Dawn dish detergent & water. Much cheaper!!

Nancy said...

It must be flashback TV month or something. Was having lunch today in a local diner, and I overheard the owner say "Danger, Will Robinson!". I had to laugh, because he didn't look old enough to have ever seen Lost In Space!

Anonymous said...

Hi there..I'm another "lurker"
who likes to hear about the
family dog. Zeke is so
beautiful. How is he doing in
the heat. Oh, please do include
him in your blog throughout the
summer.Thanks. Congratulations to
Macy for continuing on with her
piano lessons. Have a great summer.
mary m, vancouver, wa.

Lori Anne said...

My kids love Full House too. They have never seen S&S though. Boy they don't know what they're missing. lol. I remember watching that probably along side Barney Miller - which I did see on TV just this week. It was rather disturbing. :) Man, I'm older than I think.

Difference2This1 said...

I just saw this and about fell over laughing at the title. I'm so tired I had to read it twice to find out how the title is related to the post, but I found it. I'm laughing because when we had a fundraiser yard sale in '06, it was so huge a neighbor walked over and said "it looks like S&S over here". I'm so tired because I feel once again, like it is S&S in our house as we are 1 week out from the big sale. I'm working on a post with photos...but looking to download the music clip from the show to add on. (Maybe Macy already downloaded it -ha, ha). Ask her once I get it posted if our photos remind her of her show! :) Blessings, Jennifer

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