Thursday, June 17, 2010

pool-side pics

Summer is here, people.
Well, not technically yet but based on the
thermometer and my hair,
summer IS in full swing.

We bought this ginormous floating island for our pool.
It's amazingly fun!!

How stinkin' cute is this face?!!

And ummm, someone in our house refuses to get
in the pool. Haven't quite figured out why.
Apparently she's leaving it as a mystery for her Mama.

But she did stand pool-side and let me take some
pics. And by let, I mean...she knows I'll post
bad pics so she might as well pose for me so I can
get some good ones.

Stunning, isn't she?

Friends, I am blessed. very, very blessed.


Hezra said...

OH Lori.... MY hair.. and Olivia too. She says can we come over and have you "do" our hair. Straight and cute???
Your girls are adorable as usual. The pool floating island thingy...(whatever it is called) is really neat. Cool. I have a whiney girl who cries and clings to the floating chair as if she will will drown even WITH the arm floaties and swim ring. But tonight she actually smiled and had on only the arm rings. Maybe we are getting closer.

connie said...

Yes, she is...and yes, you are!

Lacy said...

You certainly are blessed! Beautiful girls:)

Summer is in full swing here too. Katie graduates Safety Town tomorrow, so next week it's off to the pool. Can't wait!

Holly said...

Blessed indeed.
Maybe Macy has never actually been swimming before. It is really tough when you're not a little one and it seems like everyone else knows how to do things that you don't know how to do because you never had the opportunity to learn...things like riding a bike, swimming, skateboarding, etc...things our bio. kiddos or littles adopted as babies or toddlers don't go through.
Just an idea. I'm sure she'll change her mind..eventually. She is a beautiful young lady. And you are one special Mama!

Kathy said...

She sure is!
You truly are blessed!

Kathy said...
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LedaP said...

Yes, interesting about the pool. I'd love to hear what she is feeling about it. I've been thinking about that with Faith because Kaylee Tao Tao LOVES the pool and we spend a lot of time there.

Both of your girls are super sweet :)

Madeleine said...

What's wrong with your hair??

And yes indeed, she looks stunning.

If this was Facebook, I would have pressed the triple 'like' button. Okay, there is no triple like button, but one is needed for times like this.

Debby said...

Enjoy your summer. Yes...Macy is absolutely a stunning girl. She looks so happy & content now in all of her pictures.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Both of your girls are just beautiful!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

You are so blessed and what a faithful Father we have! Looks like you are having fun at your house! Summer is so busy, I was hoping for some slow down but no such luck! So we're just going to keep running and enjoy it!

Take care friend,

Anna Grace and Andrew's Jie Jie said...

Both your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

Adeye said...

Yes, you are soooooo blessed, my friend.

And yes, she is STUNNING!

She'll get in the pool. Summer is LONG and HOT!!! That pool is gonna start looking very inviting really soon :)

Janet and Kevin said...

They are both just so beautiful! Makes my day to see their smiles!

Janet and gang

JR said...

You have GORGEOUS daughters!! You are EXTREMELY blessed!!

Karin said...

Awww...bless Macy's heart. Maybe she doesn't know how to swim? Great pics! Looks so fun. We'll be over in the morning, okay? :)

As for hair...last week at Molly's soccer game, I could LITERALLY feel my hair swelling to twice it's normal size in the humidity. UGH.

Jean said...

Great pics- beautiful girls!

I think it's a modesty thing. Uncomfortable in a swim suit, with their changing bodies and maybe can't swim? I have heard of other young teens from China that will not put on a swimsuit and have no interest in swimming.

Hi Macy- if your reading this- your beautiful!

I love the fuller bangs on her! I'm thinking about giving Sarah bangs again- what do you think? Emma and Ellie have bangs and they are quite cute! No bangs for Anna- she has an itty bitty forehead!

You know if she had another sissy around her age- maybe they would go into the pool together? I'm just sayin...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chris said...

I too was wondering about the modesty thing...maybe a super modest swim there such a thing?

I have a confession...I wear a swim suit..a t-shirt and men's swim trunks when I go swimming ( I know what an image)

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