Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was thinking I would start this post by saying...

So sorry I haven't posted in a while, I hope you
didn't miss me too much.

But ummm, I'm here to admit that almost every single
time someone else posts something like that
I think...
hmmmm, I didn't even notice they hadn't posted in a while.

SO....I won't say that since most of you probably didn't
notice I've been gone for a few days...and that's just A-OK.
(Well, except for my dear friend Judy who has
threatened to find another blog to replace mine if I
didn't start posting more)

Love you, Judy!
And the rest of you too, even if you didn't miss me as much
as Judy did.


I need to ask you something.
Did any of you know that there was a 4:30 AM??

I'm here to say that yes, yes there is.

I found that out twice this week because that's when
I had to get up two days in a row for Nick's golf tournaments.
On top of that Lucy had a mini (MAJOR) medical crisis.
The major part was her drama.

Oh you have no idea.
I am certain that I have left our entire doctors' office
baffled (once again) and wondering
if I have ever parented a child (or even a pet) before.

Well no I haven't...not a child like this.

It has left me feeling like a rung out dish rag.

So I'm happy as a clam that the weekend us almost here
and I can *relax*.
I've heard rumors about that word and I'm thinking
that some day soon I might be able to
at least look it up in the dictionary to explore its meaning.


Nancy said...

I missed you MORE than Judy!!! Is Lucy ok?

Lou and Lorna said...

I love your sense of humor! That'll help carry you through the stressful moments....keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

I missed you! I know all about the drama and trust me it will get better for a while and then she will hit puberty!:) RELAX and enjoy your weekend and don't forget to POST!

Karin said...

Of COURSE I missed you! :) And good luck with trying to relax. bahahahaha Getting up at 4:30 is just oh-so-wrong. Wrong, I tell you.

Jean said...

I missed you more than Nancy, Judy, Lorna, Karin and Anonymous (SHE NEEDS TO SHORTEN HER NAME!)

So are you going to tell us the Lucy story or not?

Relax- hmm, never heard of it before?

Jill said...

I missed you too! You and Jean are two of my all time favs! :)

Hope Miss Lucy is okay!

Madeleine said...

I was thinking you were probably having WAY too much fun to sit and blog. I love it when that happens.

Oh well.

And yes, I remember 4:30am. My son played ice hockey for 8 years. 4:30am felt like some sort of punishment for whatever I did to my parents.

Shonni said...

I have miss you!!!! Thank you for coming back...and I always felt that it might be an almost sin to get up that's just not right I'm tellin' you.

Tesseraemum said...

I sure missed you! Your my drama mama soul mate!! My Olivia is soooo just like Lucy if I haven't mentioned it. If you want to know whats in your future just let me know!! Our family Dr's office knows and loves Liv and her drama but the ENT not so much. She made it clear she would NEVER be having her tonsils out. The scene that ensued was not pretty and she is 10. Sheri

connie said...

Yep, I missed you. And when you look up "relax" will you please post the definition. I suppose it's something to dream about :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Post more I need some humor in China!!! Cause Robert isn't liking what I am finding funny right now!!! he-he

Hezra said...

yes I missed you, but I have been busy, because like you, I have been hauling kids to summer stuff. Though I think soon I shall quit. I am designing a mom vacation right now. and I KNOW what you mean. Isaiah at the end of every day has me feeling like OH MYGOSH! if anyone could really live a day with him they would never ever say again, "you need to discipline him more" etc etc... they would, I am convinced be drinking the vodka, mocha, valium latte "to go please" I am considering.

Janet and Kevin said...

Hope sweet Lucy is ok. She makes your days (and nights) so interesting!! :)

Janet and gang

Chris said...

See! we do miss you, I must say I've been that crazy I barely had time to read blogs at all. But I miss catching up.
4:40AM is in a category of it's own... I aim for 5:30 works a bit better.
I hate when you visit the Dr and they act like you don't have a clue...or your kid makes you look that way...BTDT

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