Saturday, May 8, 2010

teenage boy hunger

11:30 AM

As I'm fixing my lunch....

Brenden: "Mom, I'm starving...what can I eat?"

Me: "Have a chicken patty sandwich."

Brenden: "Ok. How long do I cook it for?"

Me: "15-20 minutes."

Brenden: "That's perfect. I'll eat some breakfast while I'm waiting."

Of course.


Angie said...

Do boys ever stop eating? Mine want to eat nonstop! I have to make them leave the kitchen or they will it!! So, I'm guessing from your doesn't end??

Holly said...

I'm grinning here...cause I have one of those teen boys myself! And he's like 3 percent body kidding! :)

Jean said...

Ha- they are always hungry and they don't care if they have breakfast followed by an immediate lunch!! Will dinner be served by 12:30 pm?

I wish I could eat like that! maybe... on second thought maybe not!

I have been craving my own chocolate Mothers day cake- actually thought about having some today! Ya know I can do that because it's my cake and my day!

Karin said... typical! Mine are always hungry but there is 'never anything good to eat around here.'

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