Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seattle {part one}

Well, I had planned to do one big giant
blog post about our fabulous weekend but my gracious,
I'm so tired!!!

So...I'll spread out the highlights of our
girls' weekend over the next couple of days.

But before I start in on that,
I must say a big


to my wonderfully super duper husband who ran a really
tight ship at home while I was gone.
cleaned the house to a sparkle
did a lot of landscaping outside.

He is MY hero!




to my friend, Mary (Lina's Mom) who was such a gracious hostess!
She had every minute of our stay planned out beautifully
and we had the BEST time!!

On Friday Lina had to go to school so the rest of us
went to China town to shop and eat dim sum!!

It was DEEE-licious!!

Our girls walked arm & arm the entire time.
It was precious!

After our fun morning in China town we went for a ferry ride.
And as we waited,
Ellie did a little hair styling.
This is soooo how Ellie is all the time!
She had many fashion suggestions for all of us.
She's a hoot!

On the ferry with a beautiful view!

Here are three of the world's coolest moms.
Patty (Ellie's mom), Me (Macy's mom), and Mary (Lina's mom)!

Ok, I promise to be back soon for more, much more!!


Leah said...

Oh so precious! I can't wait! Ten days!!

Shonni said...

I love seeing the pictures and so prayed that ya'll had a great weekend.

Chad and Kristy said...

So, so, so cool! I absolutely LOVE it! Can't wait to hear more:)

Holly said...

That post gives me goosebumps!! Love, love, LOVE IT!!! : )

Jean said...

Macy looks so happy- what a huge smile she has on her face!! Ellie and Macy look like they have never been apart! They may have to go to college together!

Honestly, this is such a tease! You need to give us more! Much more!!

Now go to bed and prepare a post while you sleep!

Oh, yes, I am thankful for some info on your time with Macy and your friends! BUT I want more!


Kathy said...

So precious!
I love it! Can't wait for more!

quilt-n-mama said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time!
I love the pictures!

Debby said...

Looks wonderful...can not wait to

JR said...

The pics are awesome!! So sweet and precious! But like everyone else, I want more too!!!!

Karin said...

Soooo happy to see the big smile on Macy's face!! Can't wait to hear more! Love the pic of the three hot Mama's. Or is that the Three Amigos?

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