Monday, May 10, 2010

my mother's day

I had a really great Mother's Day.
Husband and children waited on me all day, as they should have.

I got a special gift from each of the kids that they
picked out on their very own.
And by the way, Lucy is a horrible secret keeper.
The door hadn't even shut behind her as
they returned home from shopping the other day and
she told me exactly what she bought me.

Note to self: It's only a matter of time before all family
secrets to will revealed. Prepare accordingly.

Brenden bought me some of my favorite lime cookies.
Macy made me the most precious card.
(Extremely special, I'm tellin' ya)

Nick has a job working at a nursery and brought me home
the most amazing hanging flower basket.
I just love it!

But he also made me a special something
at the last minute.
He works in Children's Church on Sundays
and since all the little kids were making mugs for their moms,
he figured he would make one too.


A picture is below.
And yes, you are reading correctly.
It says,

"I'm fond of you."

He thought that was so hilarious.

I'll remind you that he is 15.
I can't wait to hear his endearing wedding vows someday.

Not long after that special, tear-triggering gift,
we went to our favorite pizza place.
And Nick continued his gracious kindness by spitting
spit wads through his straw at me.

He is the middle child, in case you were unaware.

Explains a lot , I know.

And Brenden discovered on the way home that his sucker
fit nicely into his nostril.

Heart warming, aren't they?

If you don't have teenage boys,
I truly feel sorry for you.

we did manage to get them serious for half a second
and took a nice little picture.

They really are precious!!


Tony and Rett said...

Awww, looks fun!

(ahem, except for the sucker stick)

Happy Mom's Day!

Jean said...

Love this last pic! You look beautiful with your wonderful children!! Btw- love your hair! Color and length are great! Okay, I 'm getting off track-

As long as Lucy's confessions/spill the beans are to you- your okay. Ya better keep an eye on her! ;-)

Great MUG! Have I ever told you that I am fond of you, too! Love 15 yr old humor!

Holly said...

Gorgeous family shot...minus one Daddy :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hahaha Nick! Oh middle children, they're the best (ahem).....bahaha, "I'm fond of you." Such a middle child phrase.

Madeleine said...

Sounds & looks like a perfect Mother's Day!!!

Yes, even the lollipop picture. It would be real without it.

And it is amazing that the pizza place isn't crowded!

And you girls look as pretty as their momma. :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hezra said...

Ha ha ha.. yes! I haven't got mine to teenhood yet(end of this month my firstborn will hit 13!)But I tease them that I have only a few years left to train them to be loving chilvarous men... lol, then they do things like give each other wedgies or stick straw suckers up their nose... and I feel a little hopeless. But maybe we will luck out and out there somewhere is a group of young ladies who will find this stuff funny and charming. lol . maybe.

McNew Family said...

FOND????? Too funny! Yes, teen boys rock and I, for one, will be sad when all those years are gone. Two of our boys are full fledged adults now and we only have 4 more years of our youngest boy's years in teenhood. Happy Mother's Day, girlfriend!

Chris said...

When do the teen years end...we have 18, 14, and 12 then add a 10y.o. we should be up to our necks in teen age boys for awhile..then we will start w/ girls.
I'm proud of Nick though...he at least thought of making a mug for you.

thecountlessconklins said...

Lori, I also have 3 boys and laugh at your boys because it appears that teenagers are all the same. they keep us on our toes and shaking our head in wonderment.

Adeye said...

Oh my word--that mug is CLASSIC!!!! LOL. LOve it.

The family pic is stunning. How in the world did you even get those two sons of yours to be seriously for one photo?????

Hugs from the Ukraine, friend.

Cari said...

okay...I need to stop reading your posts at night, because it's really hard to LOL quietly! Oh my!

p.s. very nice family pic...and i'm very "fond" of your hair~do. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

looks like you had an awesome Mother's Day my friend!

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