Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dodging lightning in flip flops

Not many pictures today because...
Did I just feel a drop on my head?

We had a torrential downfall at SDC and it never stopped so
we finally left.

*Imagine me running through the amusement park,
dodging lightning strikes....in flip flops,
all while making a plan in my head on how I'll salvage my hair for the day*

It was disappointing but there's just something very
exciting about a big ol' thunderstorm!

So, rainy outside leads straight to dining and shopping.

As the weather let up we walked down to the river
for some pics...
You can tell by Nick's hair how humid it is!
Sorry, Nick.

Then the shopping resumed
and Lucy found a thing or 15 she wanted to buy,
including this fabulous new ride.
By your 4th child you tend to learn what is fun and exciting
in the store but will be yesterday's news
once it arrives home.
Needless to say, this little filly stayed at the store.

Then we went *home*.

Night, night!


Holly said...


Angie said...

Ooohhh...it looks like the last picture is downtown by the water! Looks like such a fun vacation!

Janet and Kevin said...

Tell your husband it is nice to see him in a picture! Poor guy never gets to be in any! Hee, hee!

Also, I love his shirt! My dad was a "huge" Cubs fan for his entire life. When we saw a store owner in Guangzhou with a Cub's shirt on, we just had to take his picture. Go Cubs!

Janet and gang

Rachel said...

Your post title sounds like a hit country song :)

Hezra said...

looks fun! poor nick indeed. Olivia and I are hair humidity testers here....last night at our baseball games we just kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier. While little kids got fussier and fussier...
Yes, I know all about the toy drama of what looks great in the store and then when home goes to pieces or gets abused or neglected. dodging lightning in flip flops-- ha! and you were worried about your HAIR? lol you crack me up.Yeah, um you get struck by lightening, your hair ain't gonna look right, but that MAY be the last of your concerns!lol

Madeleine said...

Aw how fun! In spite of the rain. I had to crack up at the " salvage my hair for the day " thing. LOL.

No concept here. But then, remember, I let my 11 year old cut my hair. :P Still haven't gone to my hair dresser who will yell at me. lol.

I have never heard of Silver Dollar City. But it looks great.

Nancy said...

Love the Cubs shirt...I've been a fan for a long, long, long, time.

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