Thursday, May 6, 2010

burrito obsession {a bonding moment}

My three big kids had a true bonding moment yesterday.

It was very special, indeed.

They discovered a common interest.
Or should I say, addiction.

Macy joined the masses (and her brothers) who enjoy (obsess over)
a Chipotle burrito.

That's right.

She devoured an entire half.

She loved it.
She's hooked.


Another teenager in my house who will beg
regularly to consume a burrito the size of a Buick.

Well, half a Buick.
For now.


Madeleine said...


Good News!! What's not to love??

My husband alwasy says he is glad he married me because I came with amazing food options.


But coming from an irish family ( and their food options) totally understandable. lol.

Sounds like a good CdM

Shonni said...

Oh, so cute!!!

Serving the King said...

That is hysterical! My husband can not even finish one but I, on the other hand, have absolutely no problem doing so. Welcome to the club Macy, welcome to the club.

Karin said...

That is great progress! My Chinese friends say they can't stand Mexican food, so Macy is well on her way to being Americanized. :)

Tiffany said...

Woohoo! More mexican food lovers! You guys SO have to come visit Dw & Linn so we can all go to Nini's - it's like Chipotle but SO MUCH BETTER!

Kathy said...

That is so cool!
All three of my sons love Chipotle!
I am surprised they haven't taken
Sarah there yet. She loves mexican

Jean said...

They are huge!! I'm into 1/2 a burrito, too! Whenever the groceries are low we head over there!!

Especially liked the devoured part and the reference to the buick! You are too funny!

She one of the gang now!!

Still chuckling- buick, LOL

Nicole A. said...

Our whole town was so happy when Chipotle moved in! So good! And since they use only organic ingredients in their food, it is actually good for you (though not at all calorie-free, of course!)

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

quilt-n-mama said...

That's awesome:) My kids love those too! I'll be your way on the 18th if you are around, I have a grad sort of that way that night in the big city... let me know if you are up for coffee somewhere. I think the kiddos, well maybe except Nate, are staying with grandma and the cousins!

Difference2This1 said...

I have to admist- we suffer from the same burrito affliction- all six of us. Every one of my Chinese kids loved even their very first Chipolte burrito...hoping our Bulgarian boys will also. We started as a 2 burrito we are up to 4. The closest Chipolte's is a 1 1/4 hour over the bay bridge, $2.50 toll back ride; it is worth it for a burrito. Nothing says bonding like a burrito :)

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