Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a big day yesterday

Sorry about another golf post.
To those who don't play,
it is extremely boring, I'm sure.

But it's the big news around our parts and since
grandparents and great-grandparents
read my blog,
I gotta milk it, folks!

This was a two day tournament and the first day
was COLD and RAINY.
But they played anyway.
The team stayed all night together w/ their coach
so the next day, the boys had to either play in their soggy golf shoes or....

Play barefoot.
Yes, Brenden played barefoot.
And loved every second of it.

And as for Nick...
the only dry shoes he had with him
were his basketball shoes.
And to add to the look,
he also wore his basketball socks.
I have a feeling this will be his new look
being that he won and all.
*This was the winning putt on the 18th. Woo!

And here is the big winner and me
right after that great round.


But also yesterday,
we started a new women's bible study at our church.
I just love my little group of gals!!
They are the best!
We laugh a ton and thoroughly enjoy digging into
the Word together.

So ladies,
here is what I promised:
Do your homework...EVERYDAY!
And JUDY, I'm talkin' to you, girl!
Next time I'm posting a pic.


Tony and Rett said...

AWESOME! Congrat, Nick!

Nice feet Brenden.


Holly said...

Love the pictures. : ) And I wish I could join your Bible study! Which one are you doing?

Kristi said...

My 2 oldest (9 & almost 11) started golf lessons a few weeks ago. My just turned 9 (yesterday) son does pretty well - but apparently (and I can say this since I know the kiddos won't see this) my almost 11 yr old daughter has "ALOT of natural talent" according to their coach. Considering her dad & I don't golf...I think it's kinda cool!

Tracy said...

I would be bragging too! Congrats to your boys!
What study are you doing?

Jean said...

I tried to comment earlier but it didn't work for some reason??

I love the smile on Nicks face- I never seen such a happy look on him!! he wears it well!!

Congrats! You must be one proud Momma!! feel free to post on it as much as you like!! It is a big deal!! You have reason to be proud!!

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