Thursday, April 1, 2010

do you fold or roll?

That is my question for you today.

Fold, or roll?

Socks, that is.

As I recall, it was my very first load of laundry as a new bride,
22+ years ago,
that my sweet man quickly, but gently, requested
that I never
roll his socks, please and thank you.

I took it with much grace,
as any real woman at the ripe age of 19 would,
and never, ever, ever again rolled his precious socks.
For he, and he alone,
gets his socks FOLDED.

But as for the rest of my crew (including myself),
it's rolled, baby.

It's just how we, well...roll.

How about you?

Fold or roll?

**And yes, if you are wondering if I have completely
run out of things to blog about, you'd be right.


Stacey said...

We stash. No folding or rolling. My sons have just one style of sock, so no need to really match. Just pull two out of the drawer. I do fold for my husband and I.

kippi said...

Roll! If you mean roll down the tops. And when my sweet husband tried to tell me how to fold his laundry I just asked him if you would like to do it. He decided to just stick with the cows (dairy farmer) and let me do my stuff my way. :)


Lori said...

Well...I'm a rather accommodating wife and mother. Sometimes to my demise but mostly, I just like to please long as they are kind with their requests! And they usually are. :)

I failed to mention that I have a big tub in our laundry room for the boys' socks. I just throw them all in there and they fish out what they need.

Tiffany said...

I used to do the complete roll, like the photo, but then I got married. I discovered my sweet hubby just could not wrap his brain around any other sock-storing technique other than the half-roll, like Kippi described. And, so, I, like you Lori, being the dedicated & loving wife that I am, changed my sock folding technique to accomodate my hubby. Long story short - we half roll.

Motherbird said...

Roll, baby, roll!!!

Love it!


Kristi said...

You are a much better wife than I am. I was also married at 19 & when my dear sweet hubby told me that his mom didn't like the smell of my fabric softner I told him that he was welcome to do his own laundry. And that was the end of that discussion :)

I roll - my oldest daughter (10.5) is responsible for folding & putting away her own laundry and her socks always end up thrown in her sock drawer. Apparently in 5th grade it doesn't matter if your socks match or not.

Nancy said...

You're suppose to fold and/or roll socks? White socks go in one drawer and dress socks in the other. Problem solved.

Joy said...

neither. Just throw them in the drawer.

Karin said...

We rock the roll.

However...I am stunned and pleased to know that some people just throw socks in a general area and let the kids grab from it. Wow...the time that would save me!! Hmmm...can I break my habit...will I feel guilty? Hmmmm....I might have to get over that.

Chris said...

If that is an actual picture of your sock drawer I will not be showing you mine any time soon. Actually maybe I should show you our laundry room.
Any way I got married at the ripe old age of 19 too. (we were much more mature back then) I drew the line at ironing his socks...we do the 1/2 fold...usually, the rest of the time we aim for the appropriate tub.

Nancy said...

We are rollers at this house!

Sally- That Girl! said...

We THROW into a laundry basket and you come and get your own socks out when you need it!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

Half- roll.... when I get to it... the rest, all in the big sock tub in the laundry area. I don't make my little ones fish for socks in it, I grab them a pair when we are on the go. I actually need to thin it out some, seems there are a lot of lonely socks in there now without a friend:(

Anonymous said...

I half roll too. They just better be glad they have a clean pair!

Jean said...

We roll the girls socks (actually half roll) . The boys are in a bin- it's pick and choose and hopefully find a match! Every man for himself at our home!

Acceptance with Joy said...

I could have written that post!

Same story. A new bride being told NOT to roll his socks. To this day his socks are folded, the rest of us are rolled. :-) He says that rolling them stretches out the elastic.

Madeleine said...

What are you talking about???

How do you fold sock???

I have never heard of that!!!

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