Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my cen*us "helper"

You've simply never had a good hearty
laugh until you've let
Brenden help you fill out your Cen*us.

And for a small fee,
he'd be more than happy to help you fill out yours.

**additional fees may be required to guarantee
no fraudulent investigations, however,
that won't be near as much fun.

**Disclaimer: Just to cover my bee-hind
(because you just don't know who the heck may take this seriously)...

I would really rather not end up on the ten o'clock news, thank you very much.


Karin said...

Oh, I bet you didn't know about the census until you watched the $1 million commercial during the Super Bowl, right? I mean, really, how would we have EVER known otherwise?!

Chris said...

We would like to fill in all the little dots on ours making us a truly multi-cutural family.
What did B do to your form?

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