Saturday, February 6, 2010

you asked for a pic...

You guys totally rock with all your comforting
comments about my bad d0!

But I suppose I was a bit shell-shocked
when I first posted about it
and I'm feeling,
and looking
much better, thank you very much.

The cut is actually VERY good.
The gal is a great stylist and she did a great job.

Biggest problem was...
it was just way more layers than I wanted
because I told her I really wanted to be able to wear
it curly on days I didn't want to fix it.

But, it's Ok.

I'm actually just happy to have a good cut
that's even all over and symmetrical, etc., etc.

And as for a picture....

I took 19 pics of myself trying to get
a decent shot to show you.


The girls are in bed, so they were no help.
My fellas are driving home from a
far away basketball game.
*They would just make fun of me anyway for the reasons I want a pic*

So I set up my own late-night photo shoot
like some sort of desperate old maid trying to get
a pic posted on an online dating site before
the stroke of midnight.

Yes, yes, I know it's blurry.
I had other options that were more clear but
that just depressed me more.
So instead of re-doing my make-up and
whitening my teeth real quick,
I opted for this softer version of me.

Now if the whole world could just see me like
that, things would be dandy.


Martha said...

Lori, I have to say that I really like the cut. I think it is very flattering on you. It will grow in no time though.

I have had some horrible haircuts and since my good friend has experienced cancer and chemo, I now look at a bad haircut as a blessing that I have hair to have that bad cut. That is how I get through those times. But honestly, it looks very nice on you. It might be cute left curly as well, give it a try and see.

Angie said...

OK, so maybe not what you were wanting, but I LIKE it! I love layers and in the soft glow of your photo...just beautiful! Besides, how on earth do you cut your own hair?? I touch up my boys' hair (I know...don't hyperventilate...probably more than I should tell a real stylist) and I can goof that up...but my own? NO WAY!!

Karin said...

I'm glad I put my coffee down before I read this because you CRACK ME UP!!!

I like the's very hip. :) As one with wavy hair that likes to do its own thing, I can relate to you missing the option of wearing it curly, but it really is COOL hair.

The Thomasson's said...

Haircuts are always hard when it was not what you were imagining it would look like. It does look like a great cut and I bet it will grow on you.

I love that style and think it looks cute and spunky just like you!

Oh I totally love the blurry picture approach! :)

Kim K. said...

It's darling. I'm glad you shared the pic. Hugs!!!

Hezra said...

Lori, I like it! I cut my own kids hair. always. I am no pro, but I am pretty good. Now I have one lil girl who needs layers so I will have to outsource her and I. And a boy who has grown his locks long, so he will be joining us because he needs his shaped up too. Ahhh... try to breathe. They don't look bad. If you only knew how MANY bad cuts I had growing up... I looked like little orphan annie when my parents got my hair cut short. It was when I finally protested that I wanted it long, that it started to be pretty. Anyway, I saw a funny poem the other day- I will paraphrase:
My house is clean, the yard is nice, I look lovely, the kids are adorable. The windows are clean, the clutter is gone, I may never put my glasses back on. lolol I think that ought to be MY motto.

Jean said...

I think it looks cute!! She did a good job and you did a great job adding in your own personal touch!

Karen said...

I think your haircut looks nice. Very hip:-)

julie said...

I love it, Lori! It looks so trendy!

Kathy said...

I love it!
It is a very cute style on you!

Lisa said...

I love it. I think it looks really great on you.


Sarah Elizabteh said...

Aw, I like it! It's really cute and modern. Very chic. :)

codyssister1 said...

it's tough to see but from what I can see it's pretty cute. Changing it up sometimes can be a good thing.
Maybe you should take this as a lesson to see things from a clients point of view. We ponder the 'new cut' for days or weeks. We in walk with a stack of magazines with dog eared pictures and descriptions of our co-workers new do but the final product usually doesn't end up that way like the picture we've seen in our head for weeks before the appointment.
Seems to me that in her extensive education, training, and years on the job she has learned to work with your ideas and then your hair texture, face shape, color....... and have you walk out looking like the beauty queen we all know you are!
You said it yourself, it's a good cut and she did a good job, give it a few days and then give us a picture, a nice, CLEAR picture and I'm sure we will be able tell you again just how gorgeous you are!
woot woot!
love ya! TT :)

Adeye said...

Okay, so I missed yesterdays post...somehow :) You wanna know what I REALLY think????

I LOVE it!!!! Seriously. I think it is sooooo cute. And I'm all about cute things :)

I think you should keep it. I love short hait. I have always had my hair shorter--just recently decided to grow it out a little. I MISS my short hair :(

Patty said...

You are cracking me up! It looks cute--from what I can see! ha! You should ask Ellie for some tips.....LOL! She has these really cool chinese sites she goes on that make cool photos (see her new facebook photo!) I'm sure she could come up with a really cool non-blurry photo of your new do....with accents in all the right places! LOL

Tony and Rett said...

Are you kidding me?? I LOVE it!! I just think it's a cut you're not used to! But it looks trendy and cute!

Seriously, it looks great!

Thanks for the pic!

trina said...

Wow, I LOVE it. I love your hair!!!! Very stylish...very cute. Love it.

Holly said...

I agree!! So cute!! My nightmare cut was WAAAAAY worse. : ) I'm glad you're liking it better.

Jen said...

It looks adorable!

Rachel said...

OK...From your previous post I was picturing Carol Brady from the later seasons of the Brady Bunch, or some 80's country music singer. It really is cute! Hoping you'll soon feel good in your new do!

Wendy Ritz said...

I have been following your blog for awhile. I love hearing about your journeys. This is my first time posting, but I had to tell you that I LOVE YOUR HAIR. Really.

Anonymous said...

I love it! If the layers are a hassle, you can grown them out a little but I'd keep the shape. Cute!!

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