Monday, February 15, 2010

tutus and chicken feet

We had a good day yesterday.
Though I really wish I had taken the girls the the Chinese Church
since I know they would have made a big
fuss over CNY.

I guess I need to educate my friends and family
(actually, thanks Mom, for ALL you did for the girls! They loved it all)
that it
is as big as Christmas to the Chinese.
I hate to compare the two but speaking celebrating-wise,
it's that big, or bigger because it lasts for a good week or so.

we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and
it was PACKED with Chinese people.
They were serving dim sum but we just ordered off the menu.
Which I kinda regretted because as we walked
through the section they had designated for dim sum,
Macy just kinda of ooed & awed over it all.
We'll do that next time we go since they serve it often.
I'll just beg them to make me some sesame chicken
while Macy eats her fill of bean paste buns and chicken feet.
Actually, there's no way she would eat chicken feet.
She would assure me that they only do that
in Guangzhou, where they eat anything

Lucy pretty much was refusing to wear her Chinese dress that I
bought her in Guangzhou, specifically for this day.
That is, until I told her that Macy really wanted her to wear
it (Macy confirmed that to her).
And voila, here she is!
She didn't take it off until bedtime!

No outfit for Macy though, because...

At one little shop in China, I was trying to get her
to pick out a pretty dress or top for herself to wear on CNY.
She was SO not going for that idea.
I just couldn't understand why in the world she wouldn't
want a special outfit.
Then the sweet shop owner kindly told me that since
Macy is from China (thanks for the reminder), the traditional Chinese outfits
aren't exciting to her at all!

Ok, that made perfect sense.


Off the subject slightly,
one evening the girls and I ended up in their bedroom
and Macy started pulling out dresses she wanted
Lucy to try on...just for fun.
We had THE best time and laughed a lot.
But it made me sad because I'm starting to see how Macy
seems to be realizing all the girly things she must
have missed out on in her sweet life.
She even looks at patterns, pointing to things that would
be fun to make for Lucy.
It makes my heart hurt, quite honestly.
I want her to know that I would gladly make her a tutu
and a boa and she can dress up to her heart's delight.

No girl should miss that kind of fun.

Heck, maybe I'll make all three of us a tutu and
we'll have us a big make-believe tea party.

I'll make sure to post pics of that.


Kim K. said...

I definitely think the three girls (Momma included) need to have a day of tutu(s) and boas and there had better be photographic evidence!!

Happy CNY to your sweet family!

Jen said...

Oh Lori, I SO think you should do a tutu wearing tea party for the 3 of you!! And I am being serious. I think it would be a BLAST!!! It would show Macy that no matter what your age is always fun to play dress-up and be a child at heart!

You could do sort of a "Fancy Nancy" type of party. You could wear a denim jacket, funky tights/knee socks with high-top sneakers with your tutu's!! Which would make it a little more "teen-ish for you and Macy! The ideas are endless!!!

Please share if/WHEN you do this!!!

AfterGirl said...

I pray for you guys almost daily. I know how your heart hurts for Macy. And I totally agree with a tutu party, but why limit it to just the 3 of you...

God Bless,

Kathy said...

That would be a hoot!
Pictures will be a must!
I know my girls would
love it! I know what you
mean about the dresses
in China. Sarah wasn't
interested so I just had
the shop owner help pick
the right size any way.
Now lets see if she will
ever wear them.
I know they missed so
much. Especially girly girl
time. Praying for all you my

Karin said... heart hurts for Macy. I think a special party for the three of you (or more?) would be so fun!

On the flip side...I never had much dress up stuff growing up. Not sure why--we just didn't. No tea parties either. But now, my Mom LOVES tea parties and even found a really amazing place to take my girls, me, my SIL and her daughter. It was a tea place that made the most beautiful foods. SO FUN! It's on my blog...2008 maybe in March or April? I'm just sayin''s never too late, and always good to make memories rather than dwell on what has not been experienced. :) I don't mean that in any way to take away from Macy's painful losses--but as an encouragement to keep looking forward and make up for lost time. :)

Oh and Miss Lucy looks FABULOUS in her Chinese dress. :) I'm so glad she decided to wear it. Kate just came downstairs with her CNY outfit and wants to wear it again today so I'll take some pics.

Holly said...

I love your heart, Lori. I hope Macy does get a dress up party. : )

Chris said...

Yeah, I wasn't a dress up girl either, but the fancy tea party things you can do at a restaurant or at home.
Thanks for reminding me some of the things I will need to pay attention to, it will be boy things, but missed.

Debby said...

Let us know when the tea party is & we'll come....complete with our Tutus & boas!!!!! That would be SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Jean said...

Did you go to the restaurant that we met you at? It is so good! I love their sesame chicken! They definitely need a new chinese restaurant on Marco Island the one they have is yucko.

Lucy's outfit is so cute! I am so glad she wore it for the holiday!

Happy CNY!

Mandi said...

Okay, I know Macy may never wear it, but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make her her very own tutu. And if it means she only wears it in the privacy of her room, with the door locked, dancing around like a fairy princess, then so be it. The only thing I need to know (assuming you will allow me to make one for her) would be her measurements and of course her favorite colors.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Our five-year-old neighbor ate chicken feet on Thanksgiving this year. Oh yes, she did. And her daddy? Is from Guangzhou. Heh.

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