Tuesday, February 2, 2010

pianos and puppies

It's February,
which means that basketball will be over
THIS month.
*Ok, the end of this month, but still.

I love watching the games, don't get me wrong.
But I'm just really ready for spring.

~Exciting news~

First, Macy expressed that she wanted to take piano lessons
a while back....I let that idea simmer for a while,
just to make sure.
Well, indeed she is sure she wants to learn
so we have arranged lessons AND bought a new keyboard.

the big boys were with friends when we bought it,
so once they got home they were a little surprised to see
this big thing in our living room.

I handed them each a can cozy that I got for free for buying
my new cell phone.
Brenden said,
"Wow, Macy got a new piano and we got can cozies?"

Yes, that's right.

Then he proceeded to tell me that he wants to take lessons

So after giving him the run-down of what will be expected of him,
he agreed and Macy and Brenden start lessons
this coming Thursday.

That teacher has no idea what she's in for.

One student who is sketchy on her E
One student who is well, Brenden.

Good times.


More news....
we have a new little one joining our family!!

No, not a child...
a puppy!

Our new little one will arrive in our home on February 20
but we have pics from the first "meeting"....

So, I introduce you to.....
Ummm, we have no name yet.

He is well, a male,
and is a Great Pyrenees...
so he will get big. REALLY big.

I'd love to hear your name ideas!

**And I'll be sure to keep you updated on the piano lessons.
Could be very interesting.


Karin said...

That is a CUTE puppy!!!! Maybe Macy could give him a Chinese name? :) You know like PooPoo or something. I think it's so cool about the piano lessons! I tried to interest my girls but no luck. Sigh.... Molly does play her little recorder this year and I find myself really enjoying it. Hopefully she will continue.

Michele said...


Hezra said...

ha! That is so funny. She got a piano and we got can cozies. lololol And yes a dog. Well, Names.... needs to be a big, manly, strong name... I will be thinking. My parents named their biggest dog ever "Wimpy"lol. I still laugh about it.

Tiffany said...

Oh boy. Please set up a hidden camera during the lessons - that would be great material for future music teachers! As far as a puppy name, I personally think he looks like a Butch or a Buster.

Jaime said...

i agree with Hondo for a name. After all, didn't the boys petition you for a German shepard while you were in China and you refused... and now you're getting an even bigger dog?

Chris and Sarah said...

Oh my he is sooooo cute!

Jean said...

Piano lessons- how fun for the two of them!

Your new baby is so cute!! I am bad with doggy names but I have =always been partial to "Lucky" Or maybe "Tiny". "Hunter" is manly?

How fun! Let us know!

Nancy said...

Whoa! When you do it girl, you really DO it! A Great Pyrenees! BIG doesn't even cover it! :) I assume he is a purebred? You might want to wait and see what his parents, grandparents were named. SOmetimes that is a springboard. When I was breeding St. Bernards (I know of what I speak in dog BIGNESS!) my female was named Queen of Hearts. So it just naturally flowed that we had a Knave of Hearts! :) But truthfully, he had a different "call name." That was his formal registered name! :)
Such a cutie...aren't they supposed to be all white? Or am I confused? Or does the head coloring fade as he matures?

So...who was it that was begging for a puppy while you were in China? Looks like it took awhile, but it happened! :)

Hugs...Nancy in CT

Holly said...

How about Clifford? Or Dane? Or Deacon? Or let the kids choose...well, maybe not Lucy....unless you like a hearts and flowers and rainbow kinda name ;)

Brittne said...

AWW cute!!! so excited to see pictures of him as he grows up! I personally LOVE the names Caine, Duke, Brom, Harvey, and Dawson!

living4him5 said...

Cute puppy! Oh piano lessons...I remember those days! Good luck to Macy and Brenden...Oh and mom too!


Katy said...

The puppy is so cute! I took piano lessons for 12 years and its hard work and lots of practicing but one of the best things I ever did!

Oh I think Diesel and Turner are cute puppy names :)

Tony and Rett said...

TOO cute! How about Peanut? Bwhahah!

Hank? Dexter? Sullivan?

Good luck with the piano lessons!

Tina said...

I am a big dog freak. I love the name Gulliver and call him Gullie!! Or you could name him Samson.

Chris said...

How about Chevy or Ford (as in truck)?
I love big dogs...BTW jumping up is great in a puppy...not so in a big dog.... get higher counter tops and extensions on the table legs :^)

Have fun w/ the piano lessons...I wanted mine to learn, but well maybe we need to start the girls..then they will want to.

tinacd said...

Looks like a Cody to me.
or maybe a Levi.

Sarah Elizabteh said...

A puppyyyy! Awesome! Hmmm...let me think on that...

Madeleine said...

Oh a puppy!!!

He is adorable!


I always wanted a dog named Fred. :) I think it's cool when you walk by and say " Hey Fred."

We have 3 dogs, and none are named Fred. :( And I refused to waste such a great name on the cats.

Oh I CANNOT wait to hear about the piano lessons. Samuel takes lessons, and I would give ANytHING to be a bug on the wall when she is with him. lol.

Martha said...

Wow! All kinds of news in this post. How wonderful that Brenden is going to take piano lessons - hope Patty will speak to me after this - just kidding - it will be great!

I had no idea you were getting a puppy - you are just full of news today! Trying to remember the name that Brenden was going to name the dog he talked about while you were in Ch*na.

Missed you at the game tonight. Now that was a game - way to go Eagles!!!!

See you soon!

Adeye said...

Toooo funny about the cozy :) Hilarious, actually.

Aaahhh, that is an adorable puppy. Yep--won't be that tiny for much longer :) Don't I recall one of your 'big boys' begging for a dog not too long ago. Mmmm, didn't he even have the name all figured out?????


McNew Family said...

HAAAAA - you finally did it! You said that you wouldn't get a puppy and here you are! Haaaa! He is cute! Have fun with the keyboard - at least you can make the kids wear headphones for their practices! Since the Chinese word for dog is go - our Zabi is always confused when we tell the dogs to "go" - she just smiles and tells us "go" like we are telling her "dog"!

Tesseraemum said...

Oh yea! Hondo, I agree! He even looks like a Hondo! I would say Sarge if he were a german shepherd.

How about if Macy takes the lessons and she teaches Brenden?! You would definately need a hidden camera!

Rachel said...

My dog name votes - Samson, Solomon, Sumo or Fridge.

Lacy said...

Awww... Lori he is so cute. I love Great Pyrs. We have a female named Izzy and she is so wonderful with the kids. She is big, but not as big as your boy will be getting. I love his Badger Marks. Did you get him from Milk and Honey farms? I would love to add another pry to our family, but we do not live in the country so it is not going to happen:( Good luck with your new baby and finding him a name.

Blessed Single Mom said...

I love puppies. He is so cute. We have a very large dog and his name is "Rudy." I love that name. He came with the name (so I can't take credit) but I still think it is a great name for a any dog.

I also like "Bo"

Good luck with the new puppy and I hope your older dog is doing well. It is so hard when they get older. I've had two so far from puppyhood to doggie haven.

julie said...

Hi Lori,
First of all, I have to agree with Katy....Diesel is an excellent name. (It so happens to be the name of my adorable "granddog") ;0)
There is a website that is great for finding the perfect name for your pet, it is:


He is a real cutie, I know the kids will just love him!

Nicole A. said...

Cute puppy! Our youngest of three dogs is a GP mix. She is super-smart, and she is VERY territorial and protective of us, which are traits of the breed. She protects us from every little noise, delivery truck, squirrel, deer, or other major threat to our well-being! And she has a lovely double-coat, so get a good brush!

I like the funny names like Tiny (which he will not be!) or "macho" names like Duke. What's Chinese for dog? Would it work for a name?

Good luck! Never a dull moment!

All the best,
Nicole A in OH

Karen said...

Ahh... you broke down and got a dog:-) I wish we had a bigger yard....and a fence....and a bigger yard.... What about Bubba?:-) Don't know where that name came from but I can picture Brenden calling out your back door "Come here Bubba":-)

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