Friday, February 5, 2010

greek food and piano lessons

Brenden and Macy started piano lessons yesterday.
It went well
and they both seem excited about learning.

And my plan is to sneak in some lessons of my own
by practicing what they are learning.

So Mom, there's hope that all those years of lessons,
millions of dollars spent
(or so it seemed)
*and not taking practicing seriously*
could possibly pay off for me yet!

Oh and thanks to our dear friends Mike & Angela
who offered to entertain half our crew last
night so Kel and I could go out on a date!!
We ate our weight in Greek food.
There's simply nothing better than a plate
full of gyro meat.


Adeye said...

Thank you for your sweet birthday message :)

LOVE greek food too--but minus the meat. of course :) So glad you got to spend some precious moments together.

Karin said...

Macy seriously looks professional already. Looks like she will be a natural at it! Next week we want a pic of Brendan. :)

Greek food sounds yummy although I must confess that I've rarely had it.

Madeleine said...


And though my parents also payed a million dollars in lesson for me too, I have yet to be inspired to play, even when Chloe started 10 years ago! And even though Samuel plays. lol.

But they ASKED to take lessons.

John has been bugging me to buy a keyboard like that!! But we have a piano! lol. He just wants them to practice without having to hear it. lol.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Date nights a priceless!! We dont do it enough!!

Good luck with the piano thing!! :-) Look forward to some videos of you playing! I would love to learn some day!!

Lynsay said...

Our volunteer watched the girls so we could go on a date last night too!!...we went to greek food! It was....well...chinese! Love ya!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Glad to hear you got a date with hubby in Greece!! I have been making Greek Lemon Chicken Soup the last few weeks, yummy!!!! I love Greek food, okay I lvoe most food!

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