Sunday, January 24, 2010


I really need to go get ready for church
but I wanted to post some pics really quick of our day


And no, there are none of the actual game. Two certain someones, tend to get
the attention of my camera more than the game these days.

Oh, but we did win, btw.

Anyway, here are two of my feistiest kids.....

I don't have time to explain each pic, but believe me,
there is a story for each one.

And please note Lucy's's her new do-of-choice. And accessorizing is at its peak in our house with this munchkin.

It pretty much sums up her personality.

And just for the record, as much I *love* basketball, I am SO READY for golf season.


quilt-n-mama said...

These crack me up! I love Lucy's "do"! What a sweet girl you have and an awesome big brother. Glad basketball went well for you all yesterday!

Madeleine said...

i love the pictures!!

*Almost* as much as the personalities.


Madeleine said...

And PS there is no such thing as peaking with the accessories. lol Just wait. I had a child who knew no limits.

And boy, I have to say, she sure was a joy.

Karin said...

What a hoot~! BTW, a side pony-tail can look very fetching. The girl in Napoleon Dynamite had one and I thought it was cute. Lucy is just brave enough to blaze her own trail. :) Love the brother/sister pics!

Adeye said...

Love the do-of-choice!!!! LOVE IT. Could she be any more precious than she is?????

connie said...

Lori, they just make me smile...and smling is good!
And btw, I LOVE your dork post. We are too much alike. Kambry often closes my bathroom door, and even though I know this, I rarely am prepared for it :(

Holly said...

:) Fun pics. I love Lucy!

Jean said...

Love the "do"!

Looking forward to the explanation!

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