Monday, December 7, 2009

long aftertaste....

Nick had a basketball tournament start tonight,
but it was about 3 hours away and
I just couldn't stop envisioning Lucy's demeanor
in such a whirlwind adventure.

the girls and I stayed home.
*sniff sniff*
I can't stand missing any games!

I told Macy we would just make noodles for
I tossed in some chicken then let her do the rest.

I had braced myself for spiciness because
that's the only way she likes them...
and quite frankly,
I agree.

But she threw me a curve ball when she whipped
out some spicy pickled turnips/radishes
that we had bought at the Chinese market.

I almost told her not to put them in.
Then I, in all my motherly wisdom,
decided that since she
always tries the things I make,
I would gladly eat whatever she made.

let me just say that the flavor wasn't so much the problem
*at the time*
but the after effects were excruciating.

Look you see there on the package where it
says, ...Long Aftertaste?
Its claims are real.
I now wonder if that was a warning or a promise.

To me,
it should have been a warning.

And aftertaste wasn't my only issue.

Anyway, I sure do appreciate how my sweet girly
went to such effort to make a lovely
dinner for Lucy and me!

Aren't they the cutest?!

Oh and just so you know,
I TRIED my darndest to get a picture of her face
but she would have nothin' of it.

And in case you are wondering...
my tummy turbulence was relatively


quilt-n-mama said...

I tried something that looks like that those... once! But so sweet of her to make noodles. Hope you had a fun girly evening!

Rachel said...

True Mama's love, my friend! :) Oddly enough in China the only food that made me sick was McD's! The regional cooking was awesome, & it's probably for the best I didn't know every ingredient too!

Karin said...

I love the picture of Lucy and Macy side-by-side! Awwwww..... Long after-taste, huh? :) I don't envy that, but I'm so proud of you for eating it and not saying anything to her when she was making it.

Jean said...

So when my girls hit 13 yrs old can I send them to you? You got it down! Good job!

The after taste, the after effect- so sorry!

Johnny wants nothing to do with my camera, either- he's not good for my blog! The back side of Macy is adorable- that works for us!

Adeye said...

Hahahaha---you are such a great sport!!! Praise God the after effects were not tooooo bad :)

That is the MOST precious picture!

Chris said...

EEk which area of the country does Macy hale from? Wondering if I'm up to pickled radishes and turnips (?) I like most chinese cooking.
Good job biting your tongue.

Holly said...

Those picture are so cute. Even if you didn't get her face, tell her she has gorgeous hair! : ) And I can't stand spicy food at all, so I think you are doing a fabulous job of being a Chinese mom!

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