Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dreaded dental work

My poor sweet Macy Shu Li...
had her very first dental procedure today.

First. Ever.

Thankfully, there's not a whole lot of work that needs to be done but because she's never had a professional cleaning, she will need to go in twice for extensive scaling (I hate that word) and will have to be numb for it. Plus, fillings.

And today she had 4 of 8 cavities filled.


As the dentist was explaining things, he told her that if at any point she wants him to stop, to raise her left hand.

Right then, her left hand went up. The girl had her sense of humor turned on, even as she was shaking in her tiny size 4 boots (ok, tennis shoes).

She's such a brave girl.

I'm just so tickled to be her mom, I can't even tell ya.


Joy said...

her teeth look fine in the picture. ;-)

We've had our go-round with dental work with Sarah. I feel your(and her) pain.


Stefanie said...

Okay, I couldn't leave a comment for Brenden and NOT Macy! Not after a day FULL of dentistry! YUK!!
And, just curious, how does one get 4 OR 8 cavities filled? Really, either way, it's AWFUL!! Hope she's done soon with the dentist for a LONG time!

Jaime said...

ew! (hi, by the way. it's been a while since i stopped and said hi)
poor girl. i still dread the dentist and i'm horrible about going.
brave girl of yours! i hope you treated her to something special after such a rotten day. (ugh. i can imagine the smell of a dentist office now, and my skin is crawling)

Karin said...

EWWWWW...that is horrible!! I am a huge dental phobe. ugh. Poor sweet Macy!! Give her some big hugs and tell her I am in awe that she could get that many fillings without being put out. I asked for the 'happy gas' once but it made me dizzy so I just had to deal with the procedure..ya know, sorta in an adult sort of way.

Adeye said...

Oh poor baby. I hate the dentist!!!! She really is brave to have four done at once. Amazing.

Angie said...

I'm so thankful for our pediatric dentist for our kids. Both Laura & Amarin have had a great deal of work done on their teeth. Unfortunately, Amarin has had his fill, and the words "uh-oh" now come out when we pull into the dentist's parking lot. Ugh!!

Chris said...

Poor kid, I pity Hope when she had to have 2 at once.
I hope they were little ones...

Jean said...

Her mouth must have been sore after all that! I love that she has a good sense of humor!!

Don't worry honey- you will be so happy to have it all done- and you will have a beautiful smile-actually you already do have a beautiful smile.

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