Thursday, September 10, 2009

whiskers and chef's hat

Well, I'm pretty blogless today.
I wish I could tell you that I'm all packed
and ready to hop on the plane
(one week from TOMORROW!),
my suitcases are still empty.
It's just so hard to pack things I'm wearing
now, so I'll just hit it hard early
next week, I reckon.

I've got a very exciting shopping trip
planned for this afternoon!
I'll try to take pics later, but assuming S*m's has
the same policy as WM, I may not be
able to take any (well, maybe a few before they
tell me to stop).


But, I'll for sure show you my purchases
once I get back home!!

I had to show you that Lucy has re-discovered
her chef's hat.
So cute!
And like every good chef, she had to
take a spin on her scooter.
Please ignore the chipping paint on the fence!
We are in the middle of painting our house,
which like many other things,
won't get done until after we get back.

And after my hair-post yesterday,
you can pretty much conclude from this
pic that none of those fabulous products
saves my hair from the high-humidity.
Oh well,
at least here it hasn't reached
its clown stage yet.
But isn't the Asian adorable!?

**Just before getting up this morning, I had a dream
about "gotcha day" with Shu Li!!
She was TALL (well that would be ok)
and chubby (that's ok too!),
and she had WHISKERS...lots of them!!

I'll take her no matter how she looks!


mom2eliza said...

...still laughing Lori! Oh my. Love Lucy's chef hat and she is just too cute. I'm proud to say that the few things I bought for Ava are packed and my clothes are folded in a pile, but not in the suitcase yet. Lots of laundry ahead of me...still some paperwork...and the foggy-brain pre-trip has set in. - sarah

christy rose said...

Love your new blog look.
The chef's hat looks adorable on Lucy. But, that is hilarious about your dream. A tall, chubby teenager with whiskers. LOL what we can think up in our dreams! too funny! I am so excited for you all for next week. She is coming home soon! Yeah!

Nancy said...

I think you might have dreamt about ME - I'm tall, chubby and have whiskers compliments of menapause! :) Love your blog, and best wishes as you travel to you-know-where for you-know-who.
Nancy (friend of Jean's)

Debby said...

Cute chef hat....

At least we know you know how to take bcare of those whiskers....=)
I'm sure she will be the opposite in all ways.......shorter, smaller, younger than you expect to see.

Leah said...

Oh Lucy looks so sweet in that chef's hat! I love your posts about nothing. Most of the things I have to post about are pretty much nothing too, today's post is a perfect example (lol). But all that nothing sure does add up to a beautiful life! One week, my freind! I can't wait!!!!

Holly said...

Ive been having dreams about the adoption too, but most of them have centered around the trip itself. Like the plane having to land because of technical difficulties, and then all of my adventures with old high school friends when we are grounded. Talk about weird! the chef's hat! And we actually can't really see your hair with the dark background, so you are safe. :) But you look great! (So does the Asian. lol)

JR said...

As always, I think that Lucy is THE most adorable girl ever!! Love the hat - I happen to be a big fan of hats!

And, may I add, that you look fabulous! You sure are a skinny-minnie! What is your secret??

Love & prayers to you from me in Durango!

McNew Family said...

Tobareechi. Domon. Tappy. I wike yo hat. Flease (please) go up and down on yo stooter. I can't find a stooter (scooter) with a big hill. Daddy will see way high to China.

Whatever! This is what Chicka wanted to say to Miss Lucy!

Have fun shopping today!

Chris said...

Maybe you need to pack the wax, just in case? At least you are sleeping.
BTW your hair doesn't show up because of the trees in the backround so we still don't know how your hair looked.

quilt-n-mama said...

I had so much fun catching up:) I can't believe you leave in a WEEK!!!!! I am so excited for your family. I had to laugh at your Target story, we've had a few meltdowns lately, while on vacation with people watch- mouth hanging wide open with faces that said " are those all your children melting down?!?!?!?"
Have a blessed day!

Adeye said...

LOVE the new blog look, friend. Sooo cute and colorful. I LOVE color!

Wow--the days are whizzing by--you are so close now. I am so darn excited for you.

Love the chefs hat--and yes, the Asian is just adorable--but then again, so is her mommy :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Can't wait to see Shu Li and Lucy scooting together!!!

Karin said...

You look Maaaahvelous, dahling.. Don't paint that fence! It would be SO cool for photo shoots! Seriously...put Lucy up against that background and snap away.

I am already jealous that it's so warm there. It was in the 60's today here. sigh... My kids are already sick.

By the way...the green background on your blog is favorite color. And I love pink and green together. :)

Martha said...

I love your new blog - very nice.

We were in Sams Club the other day and Emily was taking pictures of Thomas. I forgot they had a rule about not taking pictures - oops! No one said anything to us.

I can't wait to post a photo of Thomas wearing a pink fuzzy jacket - waaaaay too small of course.

If I don't talk to you before you leave, have a wonderful trip. We will be thinking of you and eagerly awaiting posts as you meet and get to know our new daughter.

Be safe - have fun!!!

Patty said...

She had whiskers?? You were really just dreaming of my eyebrows weren't you.......

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