Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower post-poned

Lori gave me permission to post this on her blog. :)

We have decided to postpone the baby shower for Morning Star Foundation until she is home from China. She has a lot on her heart that she wants to share with everyone and just won't have the time to do that while on her trip. We will give more details in a few weeks! God is doing exciting things there and we won't want you to miss out on knowing what is happening!

If you have already donated--no worries, the needs are great and all will be put to good use.


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Eric and Suzie Treanor said...

i can't tell you how warmed my heart is to see pics of you and shu li holding hands. i pray that when it is our turn to go get our wen dan (alicia) that she receives us the same. in fact that has been my prayer focus when it comes to our meeting her. i love her more every day and each day it gets harder to breath without her with me. i pray not that i will know what to say to her, how to act, what to take her, i pray that she receives me as her mother. my husband and i have these dreams/visions of her running to us and jumping into our arms. we know that is a dream but we do pray that maybe just maybe we will be able to experience a mustard seed of it.

keep posting as i LOVE to follow this part of an adoption. it was great following patty and marilyn getting their girls and it is just as sweet following you.

God bless you all on the part of your journey...
suzie treanor (luoyang yahoo group)

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