Thursday, August 13, 2009


A very short and sweet blog post.
Cause I've got a c-r-a-z-y busy day.

Last Sunday I showed up at church and
quickly realized that (once again) my friend Angela
and I had dressed alike.
Seriously, I thought only my sisters and I did
this sort of mind-reading attire planning
but apparently Ang and I are sisters at heart.
Definitely sisters in Christ.

At age 40, I thought this was funny.
If this had happened when I was 14,
I would have begged my parents to take me back
home to change.

I actually love how with age we loosen up a
ton bit, don't you?!

Aren't we so cute?!
Thanks to my friend Faith who was
camera-ready to take our pic!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Almost as cute as those brothers in the basket!!!

Lynsay said...

Hehe, that is funny! Well at least you enjoy it, and you look fabulous of course!

Chasity said...

I love best friend from school and I have had this happen so much, even today after being best friends for 25 years. It still is funny that we go shopping separately and end up buying the same clothes. (My husband gets a big kick out of it) Sisters always in Christ and in heart!

McNew Family said...

Too funny! Two great lookin' gals!

Rachel said...

The same thing happens to my friend Missy and me. We call ourselves Mabel I and Mabel II.

Jean said...

You two are adorable! Great choice of outfits!!

Holly said...

I love it. :) Not long ago, our "daughter" Cassandra and I were getting ready to go to church ministry activity. We both dressed in brown shirts and denim skirts. (One of us changed. ;)). When we got there, a good friend of mine was dressed the same way, and she said that on her way to church she picked up a boy, and his mom was dressed the same too. What in the world was going on that day?? :) By the way, I was gone all week, and I missed reading your blog.

Karin said...

Hee!! I would just be happy that wearing white pants with a black shirt did not cause me to look like a giant pear-wearing-clothes.

I love being in my 40's. It's SO freeing! :)

Brittne said...

HAHa too CUTE!!! I miss you guys like crazy!!!

christy rose said...

You are both adorable. Yah, I would not care if that happened to me today either.

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