Wednesday, August 12, 2009

preparing to be gone

I really have nothing exciting to blog about today.
I even went to WM last night with
Brenden and thought for sure that he would give
me some good material that would leave you
all in stitches for much of the day.

But no.

So, what's on my mind today is how quickly
our departure day will be here.
It occurred to me last night that I have more to do
to prepare for being gone than I do to
prepare to go.

Make sense?

I want to make things at home as smooth as possible
to make it easier on my mom
and on the kids.

I have started writing a "manual" about how we do
things so that Lucy's routine won't be disrupted.
I have completed about two pages on our bedtime ritual.
Oh mercy.
The next chapter I need to write is on how to
work the remote controls/videos/DVDs/DVR.
Mercy, mercy.

The following chapter will be on how Lucy likes her eggs,
the apple juice/water ratio and that she calls all meat, chicken.

Oh, and then to just get used to the fact that Lucy
will be eye to eye with you as you potty.
And will graciously offer to get your toilet paper for you.
All two squares.

Woo! I'm getting excited about going!

Good luck Mom!

Ok, I better get busy.


McNew Family said...

Too funny, Lori. 2 whole squares? Generous, isn't she? It freaks me out - we talk about when momma will go and bring Zabi home, but chicka always interjects "momma, no weave me, Chicka keep momma safe, momma get Zabi home, momma hit car". Kind of creepy, heh? Please, God, keep us all safe from car accidents - especially in Ch*na, where everyone drives with safety utmost on their minds!"

Jo said...

You didn't even have to explain--I knew exactly what you meant as soon as I read it! A little bit like preparing to have a baby, and knowing the older kids will be staying with Grandpa and Grandma while you're at the hospital. I think I spent as much time getting stuff ready for them as I did for me (notes from Daddy and Mommy, a gift to bring for the baby, etc.). Have to admit, though, that with my last one, we just left the dinner stuff on the table and my mom cleaned it up for us the next day! It was our third, and I was pretty sure I was going into labor (hmm...contractions before my water broke...something new), so I didn't eat, but we fed the kids, and then left the house for the hospital (with contractions 3 minutes apart--my doctor got there before we did). So glad to hear you'll be going soon--so Lucy won't be disappointed again!

Chris said...

Don't stress too much, Lucy can probably tell grandma all about the remotes and exactly where to get her "chicken" and how to make it. She will astound you how efficient she is when you are not around and will suddenly be helpless again when you return!
Trust me I know. :^)

Hezra said...

Yes, I think Lucy probably has her OWN manual. . . lolol
I did that with 4 kids once, we went on a marriage retreat. I sent kids four different ways. EACH had a book. lol It was a tad much maybe, but at the same time, if you can help alleviate some problems for either side, I kind of think its worth it. Maybe just condense it to the readers D*gest version. lol I am so excited for you guys! We are JUST starting. gathering the BOOK of papers required. And realizing God has chosen the slowest and most difficult country for our girls to be in.

Sherry said...

Our Lindy calls all meat "chicken" as well. And after much decussion on useing way too much TP, my girls now only give me two square too. HUMMM... must be a chinese thing! :)

Tinaka Anderson said...

I can so relate! I have been in the same situation- seems to be more to do for those staying home than for me who will travel! Come on CCAA! Bring on the LOA's and TA'S!

Day 82 of the wait for LOA for 13 yr old Lin Lin @Luoyang

Karin said...

I did that for my mom and then she asked questions that told me she didn't even READ the manual I left for her. haha That is why husbands don't understand how long it takes us to pack. It's because we have to leave instructions and make arrangements for those who will be staying home. :)

My girls hand me TP, too. One of them always wanted to wipe me. Gross.

Karen said...

Too funny about the manual. Ten years ago, I wrote out a manual for my MIL when we left our then 2 year old when we traveled to Russia for our daughter. She never opened it! In fact, everything changed. She left our son with a friend of ours and went to work (2 hrs away). We knew about this ahead of time and had helped coordinate it. While there she wrecked our car (she was fine, just shook up). Needless to say she never made it back to care for our son. My elderly parents stepped in and took care of him. (health was an issue or they would have done it before). Anyway, my mom flipped through the manual, but said they winged it. Know what?! My son who had never, ever been left with anyone for his entire 2 yrs of life did fine. He had a blast being spoiled by his grandparents and was happy to see us when we got home, well adjusted and ready for his sister. So, don't sweat the manual. Your boys will be there and I bet they step up and take care of their sister. (I would still write the manual, though:-) Don't forget to get the release for her to bring Lucy to the doctor in case she gets a cold or something. Or for your boys either.

Nancy said...

And you know what? If Ninny doesn't do things exactly the way you do them, Lucy will be just fine. Trust me!!!

Janet said...

Very funny--what is it with kids and the potty stuff? Don;t make your manual so long that your mom can't read it all in time=0

christy rose said...

a whole 2 squares? LOL

Michele said...

That is cracking me up! Oh how I feel your pain! No privacy at all here either!

Sally- That Girl! said...

The good old manual. Yes, my dear Lori, I think you need a few more children because with a few more the manual becomes an encyclopedia set A-Z! Kind of like the kind the college kids come by to sell you that you really don't want, but feel obligated to at least listen. I am sure that is how our parents feel when we leave ours!

Can't wait for your TA post!!

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