Friday, August 7, 2009

my cute sister and one stubborn hot tub

I don't mention my sisters very often...not sure why!
Cause they are super terrific!!
We all live within 30 minutes of each other
but with our lives being crazy-busy,
it's hard to find the time to get together.

But my sister Robin came over today to load
up our hot tub that they bought from us.
We had a really *fun* time!

First, of course, Lucy lured Aunt Robin
into her bedroom to play.
Puzzles simply had to be put together
right away.

Here is Robin's husband Dave.
He's gonna kill me for posting this.
Our fellas are big and manly but getting
this hot tub from point A to point B
proved to be a challenge.


So Robin stepped in...

One thing led to another and it turned into
a photo shoot.
Two of the cutest girls I know!

No matter what we are doing, we have
a blast doing it!!
Note to self: Get a little sunshine more often
and go ahead and schedule that Botox appointment.

And just for the record,
I played a very pivotal role in getting
the hot tub onto the trailer.
But did anyone think to take my pic?

No they did not.


Karin said...

baahhahahahaa you crack me up!! Nonsense about the Botox, girl! You and your sister are both gorgeous babes.

Chris said...

Which one of you is the elder?
That was one big hot did 2 guys plan to get that on a trailer w/o a woman's help? jk!

Hezra said...

silly girl! botox indeed. you two are HOT! ok and look hot too. I am sure you felt a thousand degrees when shoving that hot tub up on th truck. hey-- homeschool funny here. Djibouti(how would YOU pronounce that? Ji'booty? that is how I pronounced it) I read this "Djibouti, one of the hottest places on earth" and couldn't figure out why my three older kids all burst out laughing. Ha ha, I had to repeat it a few times to figure out what they heard "jo booty-- one of the hottest places on earth" hee hee ahh the joys of homeschooling.

Jean said...

Robin is adorable! She looks just like you!!

We have a hot tub, too! Ahhh, yes we have been talking about maybe selling it! they are lot's of fun and lot's of work!

No botox for you- you are as cute as a bugs ear!

Blessings to you!

Holly said...

ha ha ha ha! No, no one ever takes my picture either. I have to ASK them to take it. How shameless is that?!

You and your sister look like twins almost! And the others are so very right. You just need to hush about botox!

christy rose said...

You are funny! And you look great!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay you and your sister are as cute as can be!!!!

Janet said...

Is the other sister as cute and skinny as you two? The public has not seen my arms in a sleeveless or tank top in yeeeaaaarrrs. Great idea to make your porch into a school room--you'll definately need that space with 4! We just finished turning our guest room into a school room for the little ones---posting pics today.

Nancy said...

You and your sister could pass for twins. No kidding!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your hair in the pix with your sis - cute!!

Mom Of Many said...

Love the pictures and being part of a day in the life of an all American family (which will soon be illegal probably if things keep up at this pace - ya' know husband, wife, love each other...yeah that will def be illegal)...anyway, if you are scheduling the botox, can you make one for me too? I'll drive out there..xo

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