Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lucy and her new jump rope

Lucy, being the resourceful and creative gal that she is,
decided she needed a new activity.
So, she quickly eyed the belt on my bath robe and
turned it into a make-shift jump rope.

It was really quite cute to watch her "jumping rope"
with my fuzzy hot pink, way-too-long re-invented jumping apparatus.

Then it began to be a bit sad that this girly
didn't even know that there were actual ropes made
especially for jumping.

So I said to her one day,
"Lucy, we should go go WM and buy you a REAL
jump rope."

Well, that was the greatest idea she had
ever heard of!!

And so it began....

Lest you think that Lucy is some super toddler
who has mastered this the pictures might
lead you to believe....there really isn't any jumping rope
going on. At least not in the traditional way.
It's more like jumping...with the rope.


Janet said...

Yes she is a super=toddler; super cute!!!
I'm posting my fortune cookie today-not copying you, just a coincidence=)

Nancy said...

Glad to hear she wasn't really jumping. Thought I would have to buy my g'daughter a rope to keep up. My d'daughter is taking tap and ballet this fall to keep up with Suri Cruise. If only we had her money.

McNew Family said...

Lori, GREAT pictures! Chicka does about the same thing - she jumps over the rope, pulls it up and around, then jumps over it again! Very proud of it, too! I banged my elbow this morning and said "ouch!!!!!", she kissed it for me (it really did make it feel better!), I said "thank you" and turned away. I barely heard it, but she said "no problem"! Too funny!

Debby said...

Lindsi loves to jump rope, but it seemed to take MONTHS of pacticing before she became coordinated enough to do it.

Fun! Dun!

Tony and Rett said...

Her smile AND frustration about both precious!!!

My girlies love to "jump" rope too! Just wait...once Shu Li is home, it will entail one pulling one end, and the other girl giggle-scream while being pulled behind!

Jean said...

The pics are adorable!! She is so cute with her new jump rope!! She sure is happy with herself- she is smiling from ear to ear!!

It is so much fun watching them trying to jump rope!

Holly said...

More Lucy pics to make our days a little better! :) These are precious! We've been practicing jumping rope at our house too.

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness--they just don't come much cuter than that :)

christy rose said...

Looks like she had a blast! The pictures of her working so hard at jumping rope are extremely cute!

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