Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a fun day

Sorry, I forgot that I told you I would check
in at the end of the day!

Our first day of HS went well,
albeit very, very short.

Brenden's brand new computer,
that he saved all summer for...
The screen malfunctioned and after a
pleasant 69 minutes on the phone
with D*ll,
trying to diagnose the problem,
it was concluded that the screen is defective
and they are ordering a new
one and will have someone replace it.

In the meantime,
all of Brenden's school work is on
his computer with a screen he can't see
anything on.

I had him do R*setta Stone on my
So he got a good dose of Mandarin
while Nick did his work...well,
part of it.

Truthfully, though it didn't exactly go
as planned, it was a great day.
We laughed a ton and had a great time together.
Golly, I love being their teacher!!


I talked to our agency and we are pretty much
at the very beginning of the TA process.
Meaning, even though it's been
about 5 weeks since our LOA, because
of an error, we are back to square one.

Nice, very nice.

Worse case scenario, we won't get our TA
for another 7 weeks.
Ugh...I know.
But, they are doing all they can to get each
step expedited from here on out so that we will get it
much sooner.

I'm really at peace about it.
I know there is a reason God is allowing this delay.
But would you please pray for us?


quilt'n mama said...

Glad you had a great day! Looks like fun:) I'm so sorry to hear about your TA delays and remember your pain. I think I told you that our LOA took 180 days and then the CCAA sent our TA to the wrong agency (one that didn't even do China SN adoptions- ugh! It was MIA for 2 weeks before it turned up... then our agency doesn't do Christmas travel... our process from LOI to Forever Family day was longer than either of my pregnancies.... not a fun wait, but what a merciful and gracious God we have... His timing wasn't mine but it was perfect and the pain and stretching was good for me, even though it hurt! We'll be praying for speediness on your TA and God's hand moving things along!
Praying my friend,
ps- I got another great toliet shot but can't post that one;)

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness---at the bottom???? Ug, that would drive me nuts. But, you are so right--this has not taken God by surprise. His timing IS perfect--even when ours is not.

So glad you had a great first day.

Have a very blessed Tuesday,friend.

Tony and Rett said...

So glad your day went well! You sound like one flexible, fun teacher!

I'm so sorry about the TA junk. You will definitely be prayed for here.

Remember..kairos..God's QUALITY (not quantity) of time! It's always perfect!

Carla said...

I thought of you and your boys so often yesterday and glad that it was a fun day to start the school year!

Not having been through the adoption process, I can't imagine the disappointment when things don't go as planned. Thankfully, it is all in God's timing, which is perfect!

Here's an apple to the teacher-

Susan said...

Glad your day went well despite a few unplanned events! We will pray for your TA.

Jean said...

So sorry about the TA -grrrrr. You have a great attitude- thjis will give you time to get HS down for a few weeks!

You are so lucky to HS your big boys. I would love to HS JOhnny but it's not going to happen. I love HS Sarah (and Anna kinda sorta ;-).

Computers can be so frustrating- thank goodness the kids are able to problem solve and figure it out with tech support!

Bless you in your HS!! How fun!

Karin said...

You are so right about every adoption requiring some drama. I love your attitude about the delay. I know it's hard to wait but it is awesome when God grants us His peace about delays. He is working ALL things for GOOD. :) Praying for you, friend. Have a good school day!! (I have homeschool envy because I tried and failed at it and keep telling God that I would love to able to be a good homsechooling mom. Sigh...)

Lisa said...


McNew Family said...

Phooey on the TA! His timing, His timing, His timing!

Hope that the computer is fixed soon - although I can imagine one of you isn't complaining!

christy rose said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

Kathy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your
TA. Praying my friend.

"God makes everything happen at
the right time. Yet none of us can
ever fully understand all he has done."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

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