Sunday, August 16, 2009

exciting opportunity

As we prepare to travel *soon*
I am nervous and downright giddy, all at
the same time.

I simply cannot wait to meet Shu Li.
A dozen scenarios have gone through my mind
on how things will be in those first few days.
From horribly difficult to sweetly smooth.

The unknown can be exciting and nerve-wrecking!

I have carefully gone through all of Shu Li's new clothes
and items that we have purchased over the past
few months and chosen various styles and sizes to
bring with us.
All of these things are now nestled neatly and tightly
into her hot pink suitcase.

I already feel so blessed to be her Mama!

But a separate excitement is churning in my heart
about going to Ch*na...
I simply can't wait to go to BJ.

No, not to climb the Great Wall,
or go to the Forbidden City, etc., etc.

Been there and done that.

What my heart is leaping to do is to hug the necks
of our sweet friends Bill and Lynsay...
and to hold and pray over the babies they care for.
And I can assure you,
I will take a gazillion pictures to share with you.

But for today,
I have a challenge for you.
Would you prayerfully consider "holding" these babies
What I mean is,
maybe you can't go and directly have them
in your arms....


you CAN (oh yes you can), "hold" them by supporting
them with a donation.
Even committing to monthly sponsor one of these
beautiful babies.

There are so many large ministries who care for
orphans...and GOD BLESS THEM!!
They all make a huge difference and if that's
where God has called you to give your funds,
then by all means, continue to do so.

But if you feel a tug at your heart for this
little ministry, a ministry that God has blessed so greatly
and performed miracle after miracle through,
take a leap of faith and give.

Maybe you think your little donation won't
make a difference.

Please don't think that way!!
Remember what Jesus did with a little
boy's sack lunch that he was
so willing to share.

Jesus Himself told us that in this life we would
have troubles.
And certainly, in this lean economy many of
us are having troubles.
But never once did Jesus say,
"During difficult times, hold on tight to your
money....look out for your own bank account.
Every man for himself!"


Even in difficult times....especially during
difficult times, is the time to give.

Please do yourself a favor,
pray, go read their blog(s), pray,
look at those precious babies, pray,
read about the miracles of God's provision,
and pray.

Then do what God calls you to do.

Simply click on the picture!


Jean said...

Awesome post Lori! The children are so precious and super blessed to be in the care of Lynsay and Bill where they are getting excellent care! They all so need the financial help so this mission can continue!!

You are so lucky to go to BJ and see L and B and these beautiful children! If you can take extra pics of baby Luke for us!!

Bless you on your journey!!

PS- I am so excited for you to meet Shu Li and for your time in China!! Yippee Jesus!!

Chris said...

Funny you got many more comments on the mayo question....I don't think it's because we are shallow people, but this post needs some thinking. I often wish I had lots of money so I could just give with each of these missions that tug my heart, but then WOULD I?
Are you going to get to visit Bill and Lynsay?! How do you get to do that?

Patty said...

Oh I totally forgot about you getting to see your friends in BJ! And you KNOW I SO BELIEVE in what they are doing (and wish I was there with them). Riley would be a different kid if she had not been sent back to the orphanage. These kids need support so they can stay where they are being loved on!! I wish I had gobs of money to support them too, but i'm already supporting kids foster care from Brady's orphanage. I hope people will step up to the plate, I cannot emphasize enough how life changing it can be!!!

Holly said...

That is so exciting that you will be going to visit them!! And I am definitely praying for those babies! Thanks for the great post. :)

Karin said...

AMEN!!! I desperately wish I could go with you to see Bill and Lynsay. I did get to hold baby Corrie when we were there earlier this year. Kiss her for me. :)

SOOOO TRUE, that when times are tough it's an even BETTER time to give! We can never outgive God. Ever.

Cari Bacon said...

I have been following Lynsay's posts and just recently shared emails with her. She is such a sweetie. What an awesome ministry they have in BJ.

So excited for your trip to Ch*na soon! :)

quilt-n-mama said...

Great post Lori-
I have been following along reading about their work. Awesome! I'm excited for you that you will get to spend some time with them when you travel! On our last trip we spent time in several foster homes, I loved it & my kids loved it!

ps- feel free to borrow the quote about time with God. I borrowed it too. It has really challenged me!

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