Thursday, July 23, 2009

limitless entertainment

There are no limits to the lengths we will
go to entertain our children....

He is going to kill me for posting this!

Of course, Lucy thought this was the funniest thing
she had ever seen.

We've discovered post-it notes.
I think we all knew it was only a matter of time.

Let me know if you want Lucy to come do
some decorating for you.
It looks marvelous, don't you think?
And very functional, I might add.

**Oh, and I never heard back from our agency
about our TA news.
I'm just going to assume that we need
to be prepared to leave within a few weeks....
or wait....some more.
I'm getting good at both.


Carla said...

Ouchhhhh!!! Does K-Man not having feeling in his ears?? Well, I bet he doesn't now! The love of a father, right?

Tracey said...

Great decorating and great news on your TA. I hope you will travel soon to get your beautiful girl.

McNew Family said...

Tooooooo funny, Lori! I bet K-Man will NOT be happy that you posted it, hee hee!

Oh, man - Chicka has tried to use my post it's - I banned her from "my" drawer - I was having paper clips lined up all over the house, and of course tape on everything! You don't know ANYTHING about that, though do you?

Hezra said...

hee hee, is K doing some sort of accupressure thing there? HAH! Lucy and post it notes. lol Tell me, did you see it happening and scream NOOOOOOOOO even if only in your head?? Yes, it was bound to happen. thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

That looks painful, and I love the post-its! Probably safer on your furniture too. : )

Why does the TA thing have to be so unclear? I am confused. I hope you go soon!! (Or go later with me. tee hee.)

Debby said...

Has she discovered band aids yet?? I love Lucy's natural smile...=)

K-man...what a dad!!!!

I hope your TA comes very soon. Really, I do.

Mom Of Many said...

Okay, I have not been able to read all the blog posts in the last few days that everyone has written, but the picture of K-man with the clothes pins...oh yeah baby!! Now that's what I'm talkin about! I had to stop and peak...too funny!

I say though that the next time we are all together he does that "stomach" thing and I snap a picture. Not to worry, I'll post it on my blog - after all you have to live with him. =) He would probably be famous! Actually we could get the whole thing on video and post it on U-Tube...he would really, really, really be famous then...LOL...go K-man go!!

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