Thursday, July 2, 2009

a great idea

The other day we found a buyer for our
5th wheel trailer...
our little home on wheels that
is loaded with family memories..

*sniff, sniff*

It was a terribly hard decision but
with another child on the way,
we have outgrown it.

Plus the money will help pay
for our trip to Ch*na.

As K-man was hauling it down the

which was so very hard for him
(he was attached the most),

Lucy and I were outside swinging.
She said, with much concern,

"Where is daddy taking my trailer?"

"Oh honey, he is going to give it to someone else."

"Mama, that's makin' me sad!"

"Oh honey, I know...I'm sad too but we will
get money for it."

"OH! That's a good idea!"

*My little Chinese capitalist*

Then later, one of the boys asked where dad was...

Lucy said,
"Oh, he just went to get some money to put in the trailer!"

Now that's a great idea.


Jen said...

Just found your blog through someone named Janet, who left a comment on my blog. I also have a daughter from China, just home with her in March of this year. I don't have much time anymore for this blog world, but I look forward to checking in with your family's journey when I can. I hope it's okay - I put a link to your blog on mine so that I can see when you've made a new post. It's a small, private blog, so it won't have a huge audience! :0)

God bless,

Lacy said...

Lucy is so funny:)

I wanted to let you know I am not ignoring your email. For some reason I can not log into hotmail? Anyway- you can delete this as a comment. I wanted to answer your email questions.

I LOVE my serger. I did get it at walmart. It is the Singer Ultra Lock. It was less than $200 and so worth it. I love the way my stuff looks after I have serged it. I am so excited you are making something for ourselves. I have bought several prints for myself this year and have not got around to making them. I am looking at the new Tunic on I am so slow with commercial patterns. I don't think all of the instructions are included in them:)

I read your email on my cell phone so if I forget something I'm sorry.
PS. I dont think sewing makes us old. The lady at the quilt shop I shop at told me the other day "sewing is becoming very hip!" Of course she is in her 60's LOL! But you are right I think it benefits our families and it gives me something to be proud of. Sometimes (like lately) I feel overworked and under appreciated for my normal cooking/cleaning/child rearing:) I can't wait to see your top.

Nancy said...

Don't you just love how 3-year olds put a spin on words?

Holly said...

Ha ha ha! That is awesome. Congratulations on finding a buyer!! Did you get what you wanted for it? We are praying about selling ours too, like I told you, but some things recently happened that are making us wonder if He might not want us too. Maybe He just wants to GIVE us the money. I'd better go out and check the mailbox.

christy rose said...

Congrats on selling your trailer! God will bless you with another bigger one some day for your larger family!

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