Friday, July 10, 2009

fried chicken

My mom found several different packages
of pillow cases that she thought would
be fun to make something
out of.

I decided to make more crop pants out
of the slate blue cases.

I think they turned out cute!

And thankfully Lucy wasn't copping
a model attitude but smiled

Oops, I think they are on backwards...
oh well, 3 year olds can get away
with that. 40 year olds, however, cannot.
Not that I've tried.

I was just tickled beyond words yesterday when
I got to go run some errands

Woo! What a rush.

When I got home it was approaching dinner time
and of course one of the first
questions I was asked (nicely of course) as I walked in the
door was the ever popular,

"What's for dinner?"

Which was asked by my sweet husband in a tone
that had a hint of fear that I would say,

soup and salad.

But much to his delight,
I announced that I was making my semi-annual
fried chicken!

To which he responded with bright eyes
and a giddy grin,

"Oooooh, somebody's trying to get lucky tonight!"


Yes, spending an hour over a big pan of
hot grease, leaving me smelling
like a KFC employee for the rest of the evening,
always puts me in an *amorous* mood.

And yes, I took a picture....knowing I could
make a post out of this kept me going
through the greasy process.


Jaime said...

i think i'm going to come spend a weekend with you and have you teach me how to sew. well, i can sew a semi-straight line, so maybe i should rephrase taht to "teach me how to sew and make things"....

CJ said...

Very Cute!!! You are so talented!

Fried Chicken looks good too!!

Holly said...

That's awesome. I need to write a blog to encourage me to finish things too!

Holly said...

Oh, I forgot to say those little capris are adorable. : )

Sally- That Girl! said...

Kansas "get lucky" is fried chicken!!

California "get lucky" is a glass of Merlot! No wait, my husband spending quality time with me for more than an hour!

Love the pants, making some for Marissa right now. Emailing you next!

Debby said...

Cute capris......

The chicken looked awesome too.....
My mother used to make fried chicken, but I've done it. For me, it's easier to pick it up from the store.....


Karen said...

Would it be bad if I admitted I have NEVER made fried chicken in my live EVER?!

I love the capri's. Okay, you guys are going to have to help me. I got a sewing machine for Mother's day (I asked for it) and I have no clue how to sew:-) How do you make the capri's from a pillow case? I just can't wrap my brain around that one.

Hezra said...

oklahoma getting lucky means the kids are all in their own beds and asleep. lol I can sew can you teach me to make fried chicken? I am the nerd who has to buy it from walmart prefried. Good job on the capris.

Tiffany said...

The pants are adorable, and the fried chicken looks delish! Yum - but I agree, grease = no luvin!

Tiercy said...

Those little capris are darling. I wish I hadn't scoffed so much at the Home Ech (sp? what does that stand for anyway) classes during high school.

Our daughters are about the same age. I think they would be fast friends. And my daughter has those darling sandles that you daughter is wearing. so cute.

I found your blog from the blog hop.

Chris said...

Do you soak your chicken in buttermilk? I had a recipe a long time ago and cannot find it.

Love the capris BTW. Love doing things w/ reclaimed fabric

christy rose said...

Lori, the crop pants are so cute and the chicken looks delicious. I have an award that I would like to share with you. Please stop by and pick it up when you can.

Mich said...

I was visiting from another blog and enjoyed my visit.
1. Your kids are too cute.
2. Cute pants! I can't sew, so I am very jealous right now.
3. Yummy!

Your post made me smile.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Love the outfit. Too cute. Your daughter is just beautiful and I must say the chicken looks YUMMY!

Jean said...

Love the capris!!! You are s good!!

And what a cook you are!! You should hold a summer camp for the rest of us - sewing, cooking and blogging camp!! Count me in!!

quilt'n mama said...

I love the little pants! I have a bunch of vintage pillowcase... tell me more about how you made them???

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