Thursday, July 2, 2009

Calling all prayer warriors!!!

There are countless times when
Dwight and Linn have
prayed and fasted for so many of their
friends and family...

including, bloggy friends.

Now it's our turn to flood heaven with
our prayers for them.

Would you please join me on Friday for a day of
prayer and fasting
Dwight and Linn?


Karin said...

I cannot fast all day, but I will fast for part of it. It is hard to believe they are still standing after all they have through this year. Only God could be sustaining them.

Hezra said...

i will. (ok, due to meds i have to take I will have to have a few crackers when I do that, but otherwise fasting {that still counts right??}and have been seriously praying.)

Lisa said...

I will join you tomorrow.

Newark, Ohio

Susan said...

I can't imagine what Linn is having to endure at this moment. I'll be joining in prayer with you.

Chris said...

I'm in. I'm not an all day person. From now till suppertime.
Her last twitter post didn't sound good.

allisyn said...

i cant do the fasting part right now as i have just started on antibiotics and zyrtec, but i will do the praying part! I believe in order to recieve a miracle you have to believe it has already why dont we thank God for what He is doing for DW already and what He is going to continue to do? When i went to Linn's page this morning a song called Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster came up on her page, it was God, because He was putting words in my prayers for them..." I'm casting my fears aside...I'm setting my mind and heart on you Jesus " :)

Chris and Sarah said...

I am in constant prayer for them and I fasted for them yesterday.

Thank you for putting this out there.

Suzette said...

I will be fasting for part of the day and in constant prayer for them. I pray that as we all bear a part of their burden it will be so much lighter for them to carry! I am praying and believing that HE IS already doing a mighty work in this family!


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