Sunday, July 12, 2009

cafe internet and a snake

Ok. Whew. I'm at a cafe with K-man, Brenden and Lucy
(Nick is golfing, of course).

I gotta make this quick because my peeps
won't be patient for long!

K-man caught a snake last night
and Lucy was FASCINATED!!

Just when she worked up the nerve
to touch peed and that
was it for her. 'No way Daddy!'

And NO we didn't kill snakes are
great mousers!

Well, I guess I need to go now.

I didn't even get time to read my favorite
blogs...but Brenden is spitting
spit wads at me so that's a good
sign that I've spent enough time here.

Nick has an ortho appointment tomorrow
and they have WIFI in the office so
I will check back in then! :)

For those of you who don't know what I'm
talking internet is completely
shut down at my house and
the repair guy won't be out for a few days.
Talk about roughin' it!


Karen said...

Uh-oh, no internet. Too funny about the spit balls. Your boys are hilarious:-) Hope the repair guy surprises you a few days early.

Karin said...

You poor baby--no Internet!!! That is awful! I had no opportunity to get on the computer for four days while at the cabin and now I am behind. I read all your posts in one fell swoop--and the one about Lucy's produce from China. That totally touched my heart.
The snake...not so much. Ewwwww!!

Karen said...

What a minute....I just re-read your post....the snake peed?!! I never thought about them doing that. Eww gross. I wouldn't have touched it either (even before it peed:-)

Adeye said...

Eeeekkk--you have got to be kidding me...that snake looks way too close for comfort! I am terrified of them--don't care if they're harmless.
Hope you get online soon. I know--what in the world did we ever do without the internet???

McNew Family said...

Hope you get your net fix soon! That is NO fun! I love the photo of Lucy poised to run while Dad is holding the snake up high! She is braver than me!

christy rose said...

OOh gross! It peed! I do not blame her for losing fascination!

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