Saturday, July 11, 2009

the boys are back in town


As I mentioned earlier in the week, Nick
arrived home from Alabama on Tuesday....
having had a GREAT time
playing golf, not only with his Papa (grandpa)
also played with my 89 year old Papa (his GREAT-grandpa)!
I think that is so cool!

Brenden arrived home from Tennessee this
morning. He also had a great time!

It is soooooo great to have my big boys home!
I missed them so much!

Over dinner tonight Brenden asked Nick
how Alabama was....

Nick, all grins (and me thinking he would talk
about his beloved golf), started by saying
how WONDERFULLY delicious
that southern food was!
Then he moved onto his golf game.


Sorry, I can't get pics to upload right now...grrr. My beloved internet.


Adeye said...

So happy your boys are home safe and sound. What a blessing for the mama!

Holly said...

That is really sweet. :) And I thought I would let you know that my boys went to the driving range today with Daddy and Cassandra who loves golf, and they all loved it! Maybe I will end up with golfers too! Such a great sport to get into that lasts your whole life.

Rhonda said...

Good to have your boys back in the nest.

christy rose said...

Enjoy those boys Lori!

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