Wednesday, June 17, 2009

today's the big day and....a lost mama


Yay! Today is the BIG drawing!!
I'm sooo excited!

But after a difficult night w/ LuBug,
I'm pooped!
Plus I need to take Nick to a golf lesson in just
a little while.

And....I still need to go through all the
entries carefully to make sure I don't miss a single one!

Keep checking back!
It will likely be later this afternoon
or this evening.



Last night K-man noticed a teeny, tiny baby bird
just sitting helplessly, crying for her mama
under a tree close to our house.

When he came in to tell me,
Lucy was all over it.
She insisted on going to see it.

The girl was SO WORRIED.
She kept asking about where the mama was....
she even said at one point that
the mama had probably gone shopping.
So my child.

We explained over, and over, and over
that we must leave it alone if we
want the mama to come back.

I honestly didn't have a good feeling about
mama...she was no
where in sight.

But Lucy just kept talking about it,
in tears at one point.

And I kept thinking that this was a good
opportunity to talk about
mama's not being able to take
care of their babies.

But, I just couldn't seem to tie it
into the fact that at least with human babies,
someone will find it and take care of it.

That's where I debated about bringing it
inside and taking over.

But I didn't.
Too tired....
and didn't want to spend my night
feeding a baby bird.

So we joined hands and prayed that Jesus
would bring the mama back
to take care of her baby.

That gave her peace. And she was soon
tucked into bed.

As I was heading to bed, I just had to
go check on the poor little thing.
I hesitated....
afraid that it had lost the battle.


No little birdie to be found!

K-man said a snake probably ate it.

Nice. Really nice.

No....she's safe with her mama.

Look really hard...

See ya'll later!!

1 comment:

Chris and Sarah said...

I was just trying to get my hubby to save a whole next of birds last night that was in a truck he borrowed but he wouldn't do it. He said we would never find it but the poor things were just vrying for food.

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