Thursday, June 18, 2009

thank ya...and washing arm pits at the dinner table

Once again,
to all of you who took part
in my giveaway!

There were a total of 230 entries!
And Lucy was my lovely
assistant who did the drawing.

It was just sooo much fun!

Check the post below this one if you haven't
seen who the winners are!


In my continuing effort to save some $,
I was inspired by Sally,
who made her own cloth napkins.

It occurred to me that I spend a lot
on paper napkins (ok, not tons of $,
but still...I'm trying to cut corners everywhere).

But I really hate cloth napkins...
they aren't absorbent.

Then the idea of wash cloths popped into
my brain!

So, I found a package of 18 for $3.92
at WM.

I think it's the perfect solution...
saving $ by not buying paper &
they are super absorbent!

BUT....not a meal goes by that one of my boys
doesn't stretch out his arms
and pretend to wash his armpits.



Martha said...

That is why I knit dishcloths and towels. Hand-knitted towels are the best. They are beyond absorbent and each time I don't reach for a paper towel, I am being "green" and saving money.

As for the cost of the yarn, weeellll, you know where the yarn comes from :o) I find balls of cotton at garage sales on a regular basis (10 - 25 cents) OR get it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby when they put out their 40% off coupon. So it is a win-win situation. (plus I get the pleasure of making them)

Martha said...

BTW - love that chicken you have sitting by the basket.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

That is such a good idea!!! I hate cloth napkins too. Hate them!
Oh, you are so smart.

Sally- That Girl! said...

I am liking the wash cloth idea too. I think it is easier than my handmade ones, not as fun for the kids but easier for me!

Karin said... boys would be doing the same thing!!

I'm so sorry to flake out on this great idea but we go through so many napkins that I would be a slave to the washing machine if I had cloth ones. I bow to your greatness... :)

Chad and Kristy said...

Your boys crack me up!!

quilt'n mama said...

What a great idea. Your boys crack me up!
Hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for your notes concerning our Nephew, we appreciate them so much!

Chris said...

Hey, I have the same pack of washcloths, got em at the same place, but ours ARE used for washing armpits! good thing your boys and mine don't know each other, their sense of humor sounds very familiar!
I made napkins too, used homespun fabric, which is more absorbent than other cotton fabric (printed on one side fabric)

christy rose said...

Boys are great!!!!LOL

Jean said...

I can see them now- washing their armpits at the dinner table!! I love their sense of humor!

Great idea- I can't believe how fast I am going through napkins and paper towels. I might have to borrow this idea and use it here, at our home!!

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