Friday, June 5, 2009

oreos and more frugalness....

Because eating the center out of an Oreo cookie is a God-instilled
instinct, Lucy didn't have to be taught this trick.


K-man noticed she was doing it all wrong...
scraping it off with her bottom teeth.

So as any good father would do,
he seized this teaching moment and
began this life-skill lesson.

It's like watching a papa bear teach its
cub to catch a trout, isn't it?

She's such a quick learner.

Parenting is so much fun...
and yummy!


The yummy white bread I made yesterday morning...
it filled the house with an aroma
that makes your heart happy!

As Kristy and Paula mentioned in their comments yesterday, Aldi's is a great little store....that I hate love. I think the shopping cart situation there is BRILLIANT. If you are unfamiliar, to get a shopping cart you must insert a quarter into a little slot on the cart...then it releases a chain that connects it to the row of carts. You use it to your little heart's content then return it to the row of carts, hook it to the the rest of their friends and out pops your quarter. I get tickled every time I get my quarter back (easily amused, as you can see).

I don't go there very often though because....well, I'm just not sure why. I love being able to buy a ton of canned goods easily at one time. And I love that no matter what I'm wearing or the amount of make up I have one, I feel like a supermodel. I should go more often. I will, I will.

A few other things that I do to save.....

*I buy bulk hamburger and brown it ALL then put it into freezer bags so all I have to do is pull it out of the freezer, let it thaw a bit (it doesn't take long) and warm it up and/or just stick it in my recipe. For some of you, this is old school. An oldie but a goodie for sure.

*I also make hamburger patties in advance and put wax paper in between them then put in freezer bags...all we have to do is pull out however many we need and throw them on the grill (yes, frozen)'s a huge time saver and keeps us from running to McD's for a quick burger.

*When I make cookies I always double the batch, bake a dozen or so, then spoon out cookie size dough balls and put closely together on a cookie sheet....once the cookie sheet is loaded with dough balls I stick it in the freezer for about an hour. Once the balls are frozen, I stick them in freezer bags. All we have to do is pull out however many cookies we want to make at one time and, voila! Fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies. SO EASY!

*And I reuse my freezer bags....except the ones with meat in them.

For more great tips, read the comments from yesterday!
You gals are awesomely creative and frugal.
I love it.

Oh, and thank you all who emailed me with awesome tips and sites to

I hope to share those here soon!


Jaime said...

you're a freaking genious!!!!!! well, maybe not since you pretty much said it's old school. but i NEVER thought of browning the burger meat then freezing it! GENIOUS!!!! i always want to amek spaghetti or enchiladas but have to thaw aout the meat first! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
keep up the good work! (you've re-energized my desire to be cheap... i mena, frugal!)

Hezra said...

hey , me and my Olivia were looking at your blog and eating. . .um, oreos for breakfast. lol And the background music was amazing grace, and she started sining "how sweet the taste. . ." as she was eating another oreo. Yes I do that with the hamburger too. VERY big timesaver. are you interested in cheap easy meals recipes? I keep thinking a few moms should get together and make up a REAL cook book and a real baby care book of frugal tips. Then I have the home dec ideas that are real budget. It drives me BONKERs when the books say budget decorating and it is 10,000 a room. lol I need to see real change for, oh a 100!

Holly said...

I am dying over the Aldi's stuff. So funny! ;)

Jean said...

Love the Papa bear and his cub pics!I am glad to see Kelly steppin up to the plate and teachin his daughter the right way to eat an oreo!!

Well, I listened to you a while back and I am no longer collecting that doggy poop in a plastic bag and putting it in the garbage- so I am being frugal and green! Nope not any more- now we whip that poop right into the wet lands and let it fertilze the neighborhood! Proud of me??

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Oh, those pictures are so adorable. haha. Great tips! When we moved here, we were a little perturbed because there were no aldis. But not too long ago, they opened one! Yes, I have many childhood memories of the quarter shopping carts. I always thought it was a ridiculous price to pay for a shopping cart, even at that age. haha

Chris said...

OK, some frugal tips, when I make a casserole recipe that requires a 1# of g. beef I sneak a bit, say a 1/4 lb of the fried meat and stick it in a freezer bag in the freezer, next time I may add some again. I use the frozen stuff to sprinkle over pizza and the guys never notice that their casserole didn't have a whole lb of beef in it.
We really should consolidate this stuff.
Love Aldi's, but milk in PA is over $2 actually 2.80 at W*lma*t so drink up Alabama

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