Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lucy, the hair stylist....and client

For the past 14+ years I have been a stay-at-home mom/hair stylist.
After Nick was born I left the salon world.
My super awesome clients followed me to my little
shop in my little house.

After Lucy came home, I knew that even though I didn't
work anywhere near full-time, I had to give up
the majority of my clients.

I miss the money them terribly but I really know I made the
right decision. Lucy needs me full-time (oh boy, does she).
And I'm loving my extra time to do things
I didn't have time for before.

I'm so very thankful for my skills that remain so I can cut the
hair of my family members (saving us lotsa $) and
a few close friends (who generously compensate me).

Lucy has quickly learned the fun of playing "beauty shop".....
and if you are one of the few lucky ones to come
by for a hair will no doubt get
an Asian touch....

Lucy can't resist getting into the shampoo action.
(And believe me, K-man doesn't mind extra hands
massaging his scalp!) was Lucy's turn.
Her first real hair cut (by me).
I've trimmed her bangs for the past year
but never really gave her a hair cut.

Trust me, this gal is all girl.
She knows a good thing when she sees it.
Aaahh...a relaxing shampoo!

She can't even resist helping with her own

Woo! Invigorating!

Then things took a turn.....
You can see on my face (half of it) that surprise has set in.
I made the mistake of putting a booster chair
under her so I could raise her up...
you know, so she gets a decent haircut!!

How dare you make things easier for yourself
me unhappy!

Oh, I will NOT enjoy this relaxing experience.

You can't make me.

The only reason I'm holding still is
because I want to, not because it's the
greatest feeling ever
you told me to.


Well now, there you have it. Lucy's first big hair cut.
Well....I had fun!

Thanks Karin! *wink*


Stefanie said...

Well, it sure turned out cute! I had no idea you were a hair stylist pre-Lucy...
I have just started cutting my boys' hair to save $, but it ain't pretty!

Chasity said...

Well, you are awesome. There is no way I would ever cut my son's hair, however I do trim my daughter's bangs every other week. She really does need to go get an all around trim. I think Lucy did good, she seems to be a very big helper! Great pictures!

Jaime said...

oh - booster seats!!!!! jax refuses them anywhere we go... hopefully he won't need a haircut (meaning jon will allow his hair to grow long adn crazy curly)and have a booster-seat-tempter-tantrum

Karin said...

You're welcome! "wink, wink"

Oh...I also am not able to use different fonts or change the sizes, as I see YOU can. Man...I'm getting ripped off!!!

I didn't know you were a hair stylist!! I can ask you questions about how I cut my kids' hair, 'cause I'm not a trained professional but I cut their hair anyway.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

hahaha, Lori. You're so cute.

Jean said...

Boy would I love to come over and get a little scalp massage! That looks so relaxing!

Lucy did a good job of holding still! Her haircut looks great! Adorable pics!!

Nancy said...

Loved the pix. Can't believe how long Lucy's hair is. Wow!!!

Mom Of Many said...

Do you have an opening Friday? With four little ones in tow, if you have an opening, I'm on the way...

Jen said...

Is Miss Lucy taking appointments? I so love getting my scalp massaged! Her hair looks cute as well!

Jen said...

BTW....I put a little plug on my blog for your give-away!!

Holly said...

She could not be cuter. :)

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