Friday, May 1, 2009

Frog Flu Averted

Sometimes Lucy really amazes me. From the time we brought her home, she has loved playing with blocks. And this amazes me. She did briefly take a break from her blocks and delved into baby dolls. And though one of her babies still sleeps with her every night and Lucy INSISTS that baby have her own blanket & is covered up adequately, apparently Lucy is a workin' Mama because her days keep her busy building structures.

Lucy loves to have one of us "help" her, which yesterday for me meant
that as I would attempt to add to her structure
she would hold out her hand, and say,
"Here, let me help you with that."

This is all Lucy's doing.
Look at the symmetry in colors and shapes.
Is it just me or is this very good for a 3 year old??

Moving on with our day..........

Lucy insisted (as she often does) on "helping" me with dinner....

Today (on our 11 month anniversary of Gotcha Day!),
it is apparent to me
that this girl is All-American.
Bread & butta' baby! Oh yeah!

Last night we had a hum-dinger of a thunderstorm....seriously, the house shook from the thunder and Lucy clung to me like a cat high on a screen door.

And as K-man says,
"It rained harder than a cow peeing on a flat rock."

On the back porch was a little friend that needed a break from the storm.....

I kid you not, Lucy tried to kiss her cold-blooded buddy.

Seriously Lu Jo, your wit and charm will be
plenty to get you a prince....

We don't need the Frog Flu going around.


Amy said...

Aww. I think you may have a budding architect on your hands, Lori! And yeah, one who definitely won't need to kiss any frogs to catch a prince!

Amazing that it has been 11 months a blessed addition to your family!

Happy Friday, friend!

Nancy said...

Her building is absolutely amazing. You can tell she really puts a lot of thought into her work. She will probably love legos when she is a little older. Have a great weekend.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh my morning cup of Lori!!!!

Great way to start the day!!

quilt'n mama said...

I love her buildings! That's awesome!
The frog Flu... you have me cracking up!
Have a blessed May Day!!!

Tony and Rett said...

LOVE the building!!! That IS amazing work! Just wait though...when sister is home, you'll have one building and the other one knocking it down! Drives me batty!

She is such a great little girl!

Debby said...

Great building.....

My girls will build things like that, but they won't go near any frogs... her middle name Jo? My Fu's middle name is also Jo....

Jean said...

THAT IS SO CUTE!! she is adorable and yes her structure was excellent- seriously the number of blocks she used, the color the symmetry- you have a future engineer in the family!!

Play group is here have to run- wish you could join us!

JR said...

Wowee! You've got a future engineer or an architect in your family for sure! Her buildings are amazing - such talent at such a young age.

Happy May to you & your family from JR in Durango!

Chris said...

As a mom of an also 3 y.o. I would say she did very well and what symmetry! Faith does duplos, but not blocks.
Don't you dare start up the frog flu!

Loved your hubby's simile, only my non-farmer boys won't get it

Holly said...

Wow, yes, I'd say her building skills are pretty amazing! Cute frog, too. : )

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