Monday, May 11, 2009

3 {Not Very} Interesting Things about Me...

Ok, I won't lie....

I'm pretty darn stressed over adoption stuff. This whole sw*ne flu is driving me crazy.

I need to quit going to RQ every ten minutes and just
focus on Jesus.

So to take my mind off of what seems like a huge mountain
(that I truly know Jesus can and WILL move)

Here are 3 (not so) interesting (quirky & weird)
things about me (that my husband doesn't even know!).....

1. I almost always time myself blow drying my hair.
(As if I can somehow break a world record or something)

2. I don't wear deodorant hardly ever!
(Those funky sweat-stopping chemicals that close to my boobies
kinda freaks me out)

3. My number one pet-peeve is crumbs on the kitchen counter.
(And don't even get me started about my elbow finding a blob of syrup)

Your funny comments to cheer me up today would be greatly appreciated.



Jaime said...

for real? deoderant? i know you live on acreage and will probably know when neighbors are coming by, but really? how can you handle your own stink? ugh! it's not somethign i can bear. if i make it out to KC and we meet up, i plan on sniffing your pits to make sure you are wearing deoderant. EW!

Brittne said...

No deodorant? That's quite odd!! I can't live without the stuff!! Haha but since my boobies are much bigger than yours it can't reach them. Haha and that wasn't meant to be offensive, i would GLADLY trade you chests! TMI? Ok I thought so :)

Nicole A. said...

Try Tom's of Maine deodorant; less harsh stuff in it! Not that you need it (at least from my vantage point over here in Ohio)!

Let's see ... I don't like garbage in the house. At all. So I am always emptying every single inside can pretty much every day. It's exhausting and relatively unnecessary, but I can't seem to stop. (And we only ever have one garbage can at the curb each week, for our entire family of five, so it's not like we've got a lot of garbage or something crazy like that!) And I am an over-the-top recycler, too, but that's another story. I guess I may someday need help for that ...!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Hezra said...

hey- just so you know, I rarely wear it either. But I think maybe(no ofense to the stinkier people outt here) but MAYBE some of us don't sweat as bad. I use Melaleuca products which are safer and concentrated.( I am a preferred customer so I get the cheaper prices like S*ms) They have a deoerant without the harsh antiperspirant. Hmm, I have smaller boobies too. Maybe it is the BOOBS that cause armpit stink?? lol we need to do a survey. lol "on a scale of one to ten, how bad do you stink, oh, and what fruit would you compare your boobs to?" lol

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Wow, no deodorant. Huh. Well, I can't stand crumbs and dried stuff on the counter either. As for brow drying my hair, I can't relate much. It makes my hair frizzy and I already have problems with that.haha

julie said...

Hey Lori, I have this weird thing that I do while sitting at a stop light-I try to add up all the numbers on the license plate on the car in front of me before the light changes to green! I can't believe I'm sharing this-I've never mentioned this to anyone before! For some reason I'm fascinated by numbers, maybe it's the book-keeper in me. HA HA

Chris said...

you guys are goofy! Hmm no deodorant, don't tell anyone, but DH almost never wears it but for weekends. He doesn't stink I think only nervous sweat stinks.
As for the boob size etc...I need deodorant and mine are AAA as in the battery size.

Debby said...

I never blow dry my hair. Up until Christmas when my 6 yr old got a blowdryer, it was one of the top thrills of staying in a hotel for her....using a blowdryer.
I don't like anything to touch on my plate...I know it all goes the same place...but ew....
Two things about me....=)

Karin said...

Hmmm...I think it takes me about 7 min. to dry my hair. Wanna race me?

Deoderant--try some of the non-chemical stuff. I use it and it works. But hey...maybe you have some Asian or African blood. Seriously... Asians and some Africans have dry ear wax and very little body odor. (Yes, I am so weird that I researched this!!!) Caucausians have gross, wet ear wax and stinky BO! :)

Lori Anne said...

Why am I not surprised by any of these things??

Hang in there friend!


Karen said...

You wear no deodorant and I actually count how many swipes of it I put on. Don't talk to me while I'm counting them or I have to start over again:-) Weird?....yep.

Smiling yet?:-)

Jean said...

Wait until you hit menopause and you start getting those hot flashes- your family will be begging you to use the deoderant ! ;-)

You know when we had a dinner a couple weeks ago- I didn't want to say anything but...
okay- JK
I didn't smell a thing and I have a nose like a golden retriever!
Hang in there!

Rachel said...

Here's guessing my prescription strength Degree would scare your girls right off your body, eh?! In light of this revelation, maybe it's for the best we won't meet up in 90 degree humid heat in China this summer...Soooooo kidding!!!

Melissa said...

Ok no deodorant, I knew you was a brave woman. Maybe I will try that too. Hang in there. I know its gotta be hard.

Janet and Kevin said...


I wish I could relate on the deo thing. I actually put it on a couple of times a day because after one hot, sweaty,panicked day at Disney World years ago (I forgot to put it on before going to the park) and my family having to go on the great deodorant hunt most of the morning and not getting to ride the fun and exciting rides we came to ride, I carry it in my purse, in my car, etc.!! Now it's a little hang-up of mine! Just ask my family!! LOL!!

And by the way, Disney does not carry it in their cute little shops at all! I eventually left my boys to go back to our hotel and take another shower, put on a lot of deo, and head back to meet them. The only trouble was I had left them with NO money, and they were hot and thirsty until I returned! Some day to remember!!


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