Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Unbalanced Day

Today was a totally good/bad day. It started early....very early. Lucy woke up at an unusual 5 AM. Seriously, the chica usually sleeps until at least 8 (sometimes even till 9:30). But since her bedroom is on the East side of the house, the morning sun just barely peeking over the horizon caught her sleepy attention. The first thing she said to me when I walked in her room after hearing her yelling for me (usually this just means she lost one of her "friends" and needs to be tucked back in then quickly falls back asleep), was "Mom, it's daytime out!" I looked over at her window...."No Lucy, the sun isn't up yet, it's not daytime." "Yes it is." *sigh* There was no fighting it. She was up.

Well things went down from there....mainly my attitude. I won't lie, the selfish part of me resides mostly in the morning, which I claim as MY TIME. Perhaps (most certainly) God is trying to skim off that ugly part of my fleshly being. Ugh. I hate tests....especially early in the AM. Even after my second vat of coffee I was still lingering in my self-centered mood. Grrr. Ok, repentance time....start with God's new mercies again tomorrow morning.

Then I realized I never heard Brenden get up to take a shower. I went downstairs to find him sleeping on the couch. He had gotten sick in the middle of the night. Poor guy. So, I just let him sleep. I enjoyed having him home today.

A common saying among homeschooling moms is, "A bad day of homeschooling is better than a good day at public school." ((please don't take offense...it's just something we say to make us feel better about those days in which we struggle)) Well, I think today our homeschooling was like.....ummm, a day that we should have made a snow day. When both teacher and student are crabby and very unmotivated....it just doesn't go well. Perhaps something stuck with Nick today as I read to him about the Oregon trail....or that two negatives always make a positive. Who knows.

The best part of the day was when my good friend Angela came to get a highlight & haircut. We had a good visit, in between keeping Lucy and her son Micaiah out of mischief (they are so darn cute together!). It's so nice to talk to a grown-up during the day!

So now I might go have a cup of tea.....then some laundry....but first, I need to dig into my Bible since I never got my quiet time this morning. Maybe that's what's been unbalanced in me today! Yes, God's very word spoken to me. Ok, gotta run. :)

"Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord." Lamentations 3:40


Jean said...

Oh yes- I know what you mean. I am not a morning person- I like to wake up , think, ponder, wake up some more, pray, get my thoughts together,get ready for the day and then get energy to get the kids up. I am totally put out when they are up right away- throws me off schedule. Just a half hour to 45 minutes does wonders for me!!
I love the pic of Nick in the box!! Big brothers are awesome! We have two of them that are playing with the girls right now!!
Heres hoping for a better morning tomorrow!

Lacy said...

I am in a mood myself today. I may have told my kids they were going to public school a few times this afternoon:) They know I am only kidding! My 9 year old told my husband I never taught him how to multiply by 8's??? Yeap! Skipped right from 7 to 9... Needless to say it was a LONG day.

I think it is the weather here. It was in the upper 70's last week and today it was snowing. It could also be the fact that I woke up soaking wet. My princess who never has night time accidents wet the bed. MY BED!!! It was gross. There is nothing like waking up at 6 AM to change sheets and start laundry.

At least I can laugh at it now.

Jaime said...

maybe i'll make take a road trip with jax and coem have a make-over day at your home. and jax and lucy can trash, err, i mean play in, your house.

Chris said...

totally agree. I need- at least I think I do- at least an hour before the kids get up.
I hate Sat. when I indulge and sleep in and they are coming down the stairs with me!
Can identify with that mood think.

Chris said...

I meant thing!

Tony and Rett said...

I think it must have been in the air. I was having an off day too. Started grumpy, and got grumpier. I'm sorry, Lord. I did NOT glorify you today. (Er, yesterday)

Praying today is a better day, for you my friend!

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